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Dear Dave,


Here is the info on Harriet Gristy. I am going to include the entire entry for Gristy Burial Ground, as it pertains to the entire family.


Cemeteries of Brown County, IL 1825-1972, pp. 287-288.

Gristy Burial Ground, Pea Ridge Township, SW 1/4 Sec 26


"Benjamin Gristy and wife Nancy followed their son-in-law, Granville Bond to Illinois from Kentucky, arriving in Pea Ridge Township in the fall of 1830 in time for the deep snow of December 28, 1830. The family came in a Kentucky type wagon drawn by four horses. He entered about a section of land where he lived until his death in 1858.


He 1831 he bought a handmill with small burrs from Abraham Logan on Logan Creek for ten dollars. It was a perfect God-send to his neighbors as they had access to it free of charge or toll. At times, it was used day and night. It was laborious work but it was better than cracking the grain in a pestle or grating it with a tin pan grater.


In October 1838, James, a 27 year old son, died, and according to Kentucky custom was buried on the homestead, thus establishing the Gristy family burial ground.


The graves have not been cared for nor fence kept up so only a few of the stones remain in an open cultivated field."




      Benjamin Gristy (20 Dec 1781-28 May 1858)

      James Gristy (5 Mar 1811-7 Oct 1838)

      Harriet, 1st wife of Joseph Gristy (4 Apr 1834-2 Sep 1864)


A foot marker N. G. probably stands for Nancy Duncan Gristy, wife of Benjamin Gristy, who died in 1863.


Markers M. G. and H. G. are puzzles to the recorder. (Recorder was Kenneth Clark; date of recording unknown)










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Hello Laurie,


You and your husband have a neat genweb site for Brown County.

I even found some of my Richmond correspondence  from a few years ago on there. That's great - it gets it out there to help others.


I'm writing to take you up on your kind offer to look up gravestone records for the permanent residents of Brown County. The person of interest is HARRIET GRISTY, 288. Which means (I think) that her grave is in the Gristy burial ground in Pea Ridge TWP.


I'm sure she must be the Harriet Talley who married Joseph Gristy in Hancock County, IL on 10 March 1864 and I'm equally sure that she is the Harriet Talley d/o Dr. Alexander Talley and America Walker. After Alexander Talley died, America married Dr. John P.

Richmond. Harriet was brought up in the Richmond household.


When America died, John Richmond married Kitty Gristy, Joseph's sister.


Harriet Talley was born in Indian Territory about 1834. Her father, Alexander, was the Methodist missionary to the Choctaw and had traveled with them when they relocated from Mississippi to present day Oklahoma in the winter of 1830/31.


In the 1870 census Joseph Gristy was enumerated in the John P. Richmond household in Pea Ridge TWP.


I look forward to learning what your records have to say about Harriet Gristy's grave site.




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