Names: Grover, Harper, Kendrick, Putman, Putnam, Thomas

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Dear Carman,

Here’s the information you requested:


From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois

Perry Cemetery, pp. 51-54

William Putnam 26 Feb 1853, age 44 y, 9 m.

Martha A. Grover, wife of Willam Putnam, 14 Mar 1896, age 84 y.

George W. Putnam, son of William and Martha Putnam, 9 Jan 1862, age 16 y, 29 days.

William Putnam, d. 1853, age 14 y. [Missed in the burial listing but mention in a family relationships section. See below.]

[George was a soldier in the Civil War and died in camp. His picture is on his headstone.]

[William is buried in the same lot as William, Martha and George. He may also be a son of William and Martha.]


Marden Cemetery, pp. 70-74

George Putman, 1862 – 1930


Harbour Cemetery, p. 128

Amanda Thomas, wife of George Putman, [no dates]

Myrtle and Ruth Putman, daus. of George and Amanda Putman, [no dates]


Putnam Cemetery, pp. 131 – 133

William Putnam, b. Mason Co., Kentucky, d. 24 Jul 1880, age 82 y, 7 m, 8 days.

Nancy Ann Harper, 1st wife of William Putnam, d. 23 Aug 1853, age 55 y, 10 m, 10 days.

Eliza Jane Kendrick, 2nd wife of William Putnam, d. 16 Feb 1888, age 59 y, 2 m, 29 days.


George A. Putnam, 5 Aug 1872 – 17 Dec 1903

Nellie, wife of George Putnam, 21 Oct 1868 – 6 Apr 1944


William Putnam, d. 26 Feb 1853, age 44 y, 9 m. [Appears to be the same person as the one in the Perry Cemetery.]



Ken Huffman


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Could I please request a few lookups from the Cemetery book?


Name                                            book page

Putman, Amanda Thomas________ 128
Putman, George________ 72,128
Putnam, George A.________ 132
Putnam, William________ 53,132(2)

Putnam, George W.________ 53


I greatly appreciate it

Carman Grimes