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Yes, I would love to have the pages. Please let me pay for copies and postage. Include it for me.

You are so good about looking beyond what is asked of you. I think that must be the thrill of the hunt we genealogists share! If you want to scan the pages and send them as jpgs, that would be ok also.


One note I thought I would share. I have traced the Putnam/Putman families and feel that the census listing that William Putnam was born in New York was in error. I believe he was from KY not NY and that he was of the Putnams of Gloucester County, Virginia and was a descendant of Thomas Putnam who came to America at Virginia. Other genealogists believe he came from the John Putnam of Salem, Massachusetts and I wonder if they base their beliefs on that census. The migration, census records, tax rolls, etc. of Thomas' family leads from Virginia to North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana and then to Brown County.


Thanks for your help!


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At first I thought this was a simple lookup, but a closer examination told me there was more to find out. As you may already know, this is a second marriage for Henry Grover. On pages 514-516 in Cemeteries of Brown County, IL there is a history of the Grover family which gives more detailed information on Henry and both his wives and children, plus his ancestry. I can scan and send these pages to you if you wish. For the time being I will fill in some of the details and send the census listing.


Henry P. Grover married a widow, Martha (Smith) Putman, on 13 Nov 1855, in Brown County. The two children in the 160 census, George and Elmira are her children from the prior marriage. Henry P. Grover died 28 Nov 1894 aged 81-1-27, and is buried in the Putnam Cemetery in Mt. Sterling Township. Henry's first wife, Lucinda Putnam, d/o William & Mary Putnam, died 15 Jan 1855, aged 37-6-15, and is also buried in the Putnam Cemetery. Also a son, Joseph Byron Grover (1847-1917), and another son, John W. Grover (1839-1914).


It is important to note that Lucinda Putnam, Henry's first wife, d/o William Putnam an his wife Mary came from Ohio, whereas Martha Smith, was the widow of another William Putnam/Putman, who came out of New York. These two families have always had opposite spellings in Brown County records, and it can get very complicated when someone forgets which spelling to use. The Grover history will not help in this regard, though, since it uses Putnam for everyone. And in the final analysis, they are probably all connected somewhere in the east, as these things often go.


Let me know whether or not you want the 3 pages mentioned above.


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1860 Fed Census, Illinois, Brown Co, Mt. Sterling twp, 9 June:



Henry Grover, 47, farmer, KY

Mrs. M. Grover, 47, KY

James Grover, 18, farmer, IL

Mary E. Grover, 14, IL

Margaret Grover, 13, IL

George W. Putman, 15, IL

Joseph Grover, 12, IL

Lucinda Grover, 9, IL

Angeline Grover, 6, IL

Elmira Putman, 16, IL




I have attached three pages for the Grovers and 2 for the Putmans. I don't know whether or not the Putman will be of use to you, but thought I would include it in case. The binding was very tight at the bottom of the pages for the Grovers, so it isn't the best copy, but it's readable.

If you would like to include a brief history on these people for our website (One Name Searches and/or Family Histories) it would be deeply appreciated. We try to help people to not have to redo their research, if possible. No sense digging new post holes when a good fence is already in place. :)

Laurie Huffman
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CBC p. 514

CBC p. 515

CBC p. 516

CBC p. 605

CBC p. 606





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Hi Laurie and Ken,


Could you look up Henry and Martha Grover in the 1860 Brown County Census?


He is listed in the index         Grover, Henry MStwp181