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I rechecked the Census entry and it is definitely written Joseph. That doesn’t mean it really is. The censuses were taken and two copies made. We are looking at the 2nd copy. The original was left in the County where a copy was made for the State. That copy was kept in the State. The State made a copy of their and that copy went to the Federal Government. I checked with the County several years ago to see if they still had the originals. They thought they did but could not find them. The State copy has never showed up so we only have the 2nd copy on microfilm. People who have studied the copies say there are all kinds of copying errors. I have even found some as I have compared other County records with the census.


So the problem is to find another record source that can confirm his name. If you can find where he was in 1860 or 1870 censuses, perhaps you can find which name he used there and if  there is a burial record somewhere that might close this for you.



Ken Huffman


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Thanks for the lookup. I knew that the Indexed census images said Joseph Groves for the father, what I was looking for was if someone actually had access to the written census to see if the transcription was incorrect since the father’s name should be Jacob. No biggie,  thanks for the response and again for the special message.

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Attached are two Schuyler county marriage Licenses that I just received. I got the copies from Calvin and Lorraine Seitter. I mention this because perhaps netiquette requires I share where I got it, but I believe they got their copy from the State. The two Licenses are for a double wedding that was held on April 14th 1838, where two Groves siblings married two Riley siblings. Permission was given by James Riley.


If you wish, I would love it if you post it on the Marriage certificate images page. I know they are not the best copies, but we cleaned them up as best as we could on our end.

Thanks again,

Rebecca Sandberg