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Here is the information you requested:


From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois


Morrellville Cemetery, pp. 18-22


____ Groves, son of ?, 14 May 1867, age 3 yrs.

Daniel C. Groves, son of W. & S. Groves, 23 Oct 1856, age 1 yr [Middle initial wrong in index]

G. C. Groves, son of W. & S. Groves, [no dates]

H. E. Groves, 22 Aug 1861, age 29 yrs, 8 m.

Jeneva Groves, dau. of W. & S. Groves, [no dates]


[This might be the family of William and Sarah Groves listed in the 1850 Census. The “Cemeteries Book’ implies that these burials are all  children of W. & S. Groves, though it lists only three of them specifically as their children. However, H. E. Groves would have been old enough to appear in the 1850 Census but he does not. He is also too old to be a son of William and Sarah. Need to check the 1860 Census if this looks like some of your family.]



Ken Huffman


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Dear Ken and Laurie,

I hesitate to ask because I don’t know that you know anything more about the Brown County burials other than what is indexed, but if you have time, could you check out what info in available for the following Groves folks all listed as page 19 in your index?

Rebecca Sandberg


Groves, (----)________ ________19
Groves, Daniel W.________ 19
Groves, G. C.________ ________19
Groves, H. E.________ ________19
Groves, Jeneva________ 19
Groves, S.________ ________19
Groves, W.________ ________19