Names: Burton, Glenn, Hardin, Stoffer

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Some of the individuals listed below died between 1916 and 1950. You might want to check the Statewide Death Certificate Index as well. It is located at:



Here is the information you requested:


From “Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois”

Mt Sterling City Cemetery, p 218

George E. Hardin 1864 – 1940

Minnie E. Hardin, wife of George E. Hardin, 1868 – 19??


Ripley Cemetery, pp. 317, 325-327

William Clark Hardin, 1 May 1816 – 1 Feb 1891  [name in index = W. C. Hardin]

Amanda M. Glenn, wife of William Clark Hardin, 3 Feb 1816 – 25 Jul 1901

William H. Hardin, son of William Clark & Amanda Hardin, Co. H 50th Ill Inf, d. 23 Mar 1903 [index = W. H. H. Hardin]

Margaret A. Burton, wife of William H. Hardin, 1837 – 1928

Alpheus B. Hardin, son of William H. and Margaret Hardin,1865 – 1964

Angeline Stoffer, wife of Alpheus B. Hardin, 1873 – 1953

George Hardin, son of Alpheus & Angeline Hardin, d. 25 July 1935

Mark Hardin, son of Alpheus & Angeline Hardin, d. 26 Mar 1902

Thomas W. Hardin, son of Harry Hardin, gr. Grandson of William Clark Hardin. 1881 – 1915

Harry Hardin d. 22 Aug 1897

Harry Hardin d. 8 Feb 1844


[One of the Harry Hardins is the one mentioned as the father of Thomas W., however, there is no specific clue to which one. My guess would be the one who died in 1897 since the other was dead sometime before Thomas was born. There is no indication of who Harry’s father is, but there is a good chance it is William H. since he is the only son of William Clark listed. You might want to check the censuses to see if this can be confirmed. There is a Will Hardin listed in the family relation section but Appears to be William H. Hardin. The unnamed Hardin on page 408 is Amanda M. (Glenn) Hardin and that entry gives her full death date as 25 July 1901.]



Ken Huffman


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Dear Ken & Laurie,


    I am interested in information on these permanent residents of Brown County. I have the one name links and it will not work when I click on Hardin. I appreciate your time in searching this for me and I thank you very much.


Julia W Roberts




Hardin, (----)________ ________408
Hardin, Alpheus B.________ 317
Hardin, Amanda M. (Glenn)________ 317
Hardin, Angeline (Stoffer)________ 317
Hardin, George E.________ 218
Hardin, George________ 317
Hardin, Harry________ ________317(2)
Hardin, Margaret A, (Burton)________ 317
Hardin, Mark________ ________317
Hardin, Minnie E.________ 218
Hardin, Thomas W.________ 317
Hardin, W. C.________ ________317
Hardin, W. H. H.________ 317