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Dear Mary,


Did your father’s family also live in Brown County? Where were these people born, and do you know their approximate birth year? In order to search for information we have to start with a few basic leads. Another is: do you know what town Margaret was living in or died in? Brown County has 9 townships, and several towns within them. To focus a search it helps to narrow down the data.


I checked the cemetery index and found only one Margaret Harper, but the age makes her too old to be the one you are searching for:


Cemeteries of Brown County, IL

p. 366 (Versailles West Side Cemetery, Versailles Township)


Margaret Summy Harper , daughter of Obadiah Summy (1846 – 1930).


I’ll be happy to snoop around in the 1900, 1910 and 1920 censuses for these families if you can give me a few more clues.


Laurie Huffman



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Hi, I'm looking for any info on Margaret Harper she was married to my dad in the early 30 or 40's she died in March of 1959 in brown co ILL. My father was Alta Gray.



Mary Gray




Dear Mary,


I think I found something interesting for you, but not certain it’s just the one you want. Earlier I mentioned Margaret Summy Harper (1846-1930). I found her in the 1910 census with her husband, William P. Harper. William died in 1914. Did your father marry Margaret when they were older, and she have possibly been a widow? I can’t find any reference to her having remarried, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t.


The Harper family is fairly large, coming from the Rev. William & Anna (Putnam) Harper(b. 1700’s) who came to Brown County, IL from Virginia through Kentucky, then Ohio. They settled in the “Harper neighborhood” in Mt. Sterling Township about 1835. William P. (Margaret Summy’s husband) was the son of Stephen, a son of Rev. William Harper.


Another Margaret Harper, the daughter of John and Amanda, married a Harvey Wilson. She is the daughter of John & Amanda (Means) Harper. John is another son of the Rev. William Harper. This Margaret is also in the approximate range of years you are searching.


I am thinking you might want to write to the Brown County Clerk for a search on this couple. It only costs $5.00, but if you call them first for verification of fees it’s a good idea. That way you can also explain the wide range of years you need to search. They are very helpful.


If interested, click on this address. It will take you directly to our website and the information you need to contact the BC Clerk. http://www.rootsweb.com/~ilbrown/brnadd.htm


I have purchased a copy of the 1930 census, but it will not arrive for another 4 to 6 weeks, so I can’t search that year yet.


Let me know what you want to do at this point. You can also put out a message on our website mailing list asking for assistance.


Laurie Huffman



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I think we may have found your Margaret. The sister's name is what helped.


Cemeteries of Brown County, IL

Mt. Sterling City Cemetery, pp. 218,232, 363


Margery Putman Gray (1886-1959) d/o  Stephen & Laura Putman

Halcyon Putman (1883-1951) child of Stephen & Laura Putman (doesn't say whether male or female)


There is no mention of the name Harper connected with this Margery in the cemetery record. That's why I couldn't find her at first. Also, I was looking for Harper, not Gray.


I think you ought to contact the Versailles Area Gen. & Hist. Society and see if someone can do an obituary lookup on Margery Gray. The newspapers are on microfilm at the public library in Versailles. I would also send for  her marriage license from the Brown County clerk in Mt. Sterling, and her death certificate from the Illinois vital Records Office in Springfield. All of the addresses you need are on the website:


http://www.rootsweb.com/~ilbrown/brnadd.htm (for Versailles Area G & H Society & Brown County Clerk)

http://vitalrec.com/il.html (information on getting death certificates, divorces, etc. from Illinois)


Hope this new information will be of help.


Laurie Huffman






I forgot to send you the listing:


1910 Fed Census, Brown County, IL

Mt. Sterling Township 153/153


William P. Harper, 65, married 35 yrs, b. IL, both parents b. OH

Margaret Harper, 62, 9 children w/8 still living, b. IL, both parents b. OH

Summy Harper (son), 39, single, b. IL, both parents b. IL