Names: Hayes

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Here’s the information you requested:

From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois


Beckam Cemetery pp.284-287

Malinda H Hays, wife of J. J. Hays, d. 19 Dec age 24 y.


Knight Cemetery, pp 288-292

Hattie Kindhart Hayes, wife of William Hayes, 30 Apr 1899, age 17 yrs.

Small child of William and Hattie Hayes [no date]




Ken Huffman



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I am looking for information on Hayes - particularly in Mr. Sterling area,
but I figure anywhere in Brown county might be close enough.  If you could
please let me know the information you can find on the following Hayes
family, I would greatly appreciate it!

Hayes, Child________ ________289
Hayes, Hattie (Kindhart)________ 289
Hayes, J. J.________ ________285
Hayes, Malinda H.________ 285

Connie Goltz
[email protected]