Names: Hearn/Hern

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Im guessing from the census references that you really want the 1860 Census. I checked the 1870 census for these people but they were not there a 2nd clue.


1860 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Pea Ridge Twp

1601/1539                   29 Aug 1860

Henry Hearn 32 m farmer Germany

Mrs. C. Hearn 31 f Germany

H. H. Hearn 9 m Germany

Felice Hearn 6 f Germany



Ester Hearn 36 f Germany [On re-reading the film, the given name really looks like Ester instead of Etka.]

Riand Hearn 11 m Germany [This given name is strange but clearly written.]

Fear Hearn 12 f Germany  [Ditto on this given name.]



Angeline Hern 60 f Germany

Han Hern 39 m farmer Germany  [Given name looks like Hare, I guessed Han you get to choose.]

Albert Hern 21 m farmer Germany



Ken Huffman


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I am interested in the Hearn names listed in the index for the 1870 census.


Etka Hearn P1602

Henry Hearn P1601

Angeline * Hearn P1604



Any help you may give is appreciated.


Thank you,


Sandy Hern