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Dear Marilyn,

Here’s the information you requested:


From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois


West Side Cemetery, pp. 356, 380

John Hemphill 1854 – 1927

Martha, wife of John Hemphill, 1861 – 1949, (In the Tarrant Funeral Home record on p. 396, her birth and death dates are given: 17 Mar 1861 – 8 Oct 1949, The misc burials section on p. 413 confirms the death date.

Lafe Hemphill, son of John and Mary Hemphill, 1866-1941 [My guess is that the birth year is a typo and should be 1886]


N. Hemphill is a typo too. I just missed it when indexing the book and it got included in the index.


South Side Cemetery, p. 353

Sarah E. Hemphill, dau. of S. and M. Hemphill, d. 23 Apr 1864, age 3 m, 1 d.

David B. Hemphill, d. 5 Dec 1853, age 9 m, 22 d.



Ken Huffman



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Thank you for volunteering to look up people in the book, Cemeteries of Brown County.
I wuld like info on the Hemphill family, they are found on page 366 (John, Lafe, Martha, N.)
and on page 353 (David B., M., S., Sarah B.)

There is also a Martha Hemphill on page 413.
Thank you.  Marilyn