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Dear Jim,


It’s nice to hear from you, and to know our website has already been of help to you and Denny before. Hopefully, we can help once again.


The reference to Francis J. Henry on p. 338 is pretty limited, but I used PAF to calculate his birth date and came up with 30 Sept 1822, so I think he might be a brother to William A. Henry, rather than the Francis you are seeking. The listing on p. 521 of the Cemetery Book (referenced below) leaves some doubt as to his identity.


On pages 520-522 of Cemeteries of Brown County there is a listing of the descendants of John Henry of Aberdeen, Scotland and his wife Sarah Winston Syme (a widow). They lived in Virginia. They were the parents of four children: Robert, Patrick (the famous statesman), Mary, and John. His grandson, Robert Louis Henry II, settled in Brown County. I will quote a bit from paragraph 3: “The following members of the Henry family took out land from the US Government, Versailles Township – Robert L., east ½ of sect. 1 on 27 Feb 1836 and SW ¼ sect. 1, on same date; Robert sold his possessions to Orris on 12 April 1840; Orris sold the NW ¼ of sect. 1 to Francis on March 3, 1837.”  This must be the Francis you are looking for, since Francis J. in the cemetery book would have been only 15 years old in 1837.


In paragraphs 5 & 6, there is a brief family listing that might be of help: “Robert L. Henry II (1772-1844) was born in Virginia, moved to New York for work before 1810, then back to Virginia and on to Kentucky between 1820-1830. About 1830 he moved to Brown County, Illinois. His wife was Roxy Hayward, who died Oct. 11, 1839. Both of them are buried in the Lavina Henry Burial Ground near the government locks west of the Illinois River, south of LaGrange Locks. They were the parents of eight children: Robert Louis Henry III, Will, Francis, Orris Martin, Asher Francis, Hiram Levi, Matilda, and Ann.”  The reference to Francis (para. 12, p. 521) reads: Francis. May be Francis J. who was buried in Lavina Henry Cemetery (4 Nov 1888 aged 66 yrs. 1 mo. 6 days). His sons were Francis, Elisha, Edwin and William. (Note the variation in age at death between this listing and the listing on p. 338 – one is 4 days and the other is 6 days). Well, they didn’t do their math. I think his son, Francis (1822-1888), is the one buried in the Lavina Henry Cemetery. There is no mention of Elizabeth/Betsy in this listing either leading me to wonder if Francis Sr. and Betsy are buried in a neighboring county.


Cemeteries of Brown County, IL 1825-1972

Lavina Henry Cemetery, Versailles Township, p. 338


            Francis J. Henry (d. 4 Nov 1888 aged 66-1-4)


I ought to note that Lavina Barker Henry, for whom the Cemetery is named, was the wife of Asher Francis Henry.


Let me know if you have any further questions regarding this information.


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Dear Ms.Huffman,


Can you give me any information about the Francis J. Henry on page 338?


The Francis Henry that I am looking for was born in Massachusetts and was married to Elizabeth (Betsy) Baker, who was born in Vermont.  I have very little information about Francis and Elizabeth.


Their son, William Anson Henry, was born in Morgan County, IL on 12 October 1829 and was married to Mary Osborn in Brown County on 30 March 1848.  William, Mary, and their son Edwin appear in Brown County in the 1850 census.  Elizabeth Henry, age 56, birthplace Vermont, appears on the same 1850 census on the line just below William, Mary, and Edwin.


I have extensive information regarding William Anson Henry and his descendants as well as information regarding his wife Mary Osborn Henry's ancestors and descendants, which I would be happy to share.


Incidentally, in your 21 March 2004 message to Carylon Viuhkola, the William H Henry/Mary Ausborne 3/30/1848 marriage that you found is actually my William A. Henry and Mary Osborn!  My wife Denny, who is the serious genealogist in our family, has been in contact with Carylon and they have shared a great deal of Osborn information.


Thank you for your volunteer work.


Jim Hoelter