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Dear Steve,


Please ignore the first message I sent. It lost the pictures. This one will have them.



Here are pictures of the page containing the information. These are parts of two columns on page 148 of the Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois.




The dates recorded in these excerpts are summaries from the actual burial records. If you want the full burial information, just write.


There is also a one page history of the George J. Hersman family in the History of Brown County, Illinois.



Ken Huffman


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Dear Laurie and Ken,

    THANK YOU so very much for the information.  It was very helpful.

    You stated that there is a small history of Henry Hersman with family

relationships.  I would very much like you to send it to me.  His wife Elizabeth

Fry is related to my Frys and there are several of us cousins working on the

Fry family.  Some of these branches have been "missing" for some time and now

we have found them.

    Thank you is advance for your help.


Steve Shaffer