Names: Boss, Hoover 

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Subject: RE: Names to add to my request - Hoover/Boss families

Dear Michelle,

I’m responding to both of your messages in this one.


1st: There are location maps for the cemeteries on the web page. Go to:



I will enter the information from the book “Cemeteries of Brown County” as it was found there.


Buckhorn Cemetery

Amanda E. Hoover, wife of James Hoover,  9 June 1862 – 15 Dec 1893

[ James is the brother of William Otha and David A. Hoover. Amanda Hedrick Hoover is the w/o William Otha Hoover.]


Hoover Cemetery

Henry Hoover 9 Apr 1822 – 15 May 1898

Polly Hoover wife of Henry Hoover 4 May 1826 – 29 Apr 1908

Nancy E. Hoover dau of H. & P. Hoover 6 Apr 1858, aged 8yrs, 20 days


[p. 16 – The earliest burials recorded are children of Henry and Polly Hoover. Nancy in 1858 and Joyce in 1867. Henry died in 1898 and Polly 10 years later, aged 84 years, the oldest person buried here. They lived about a mile and a quarter west, near Lynn Chapel.]


Mt Sterling Cemetery

Mary Hoover Blackburn 1918 – 1972

[Mary is the dau of George C. and Jennie Hoover p. 255]



Buckhorn Cemetery

Andrew Boss 2 Jun 1883, aged 67 yrs

Geroma, wife of Andrew Boss, 14 Jan 1900, aged 72 yrs.


[Spelling as contained in the book.]


Hope this helps.


Ken huffman


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Subject: Names to add to my request - Hoover/Boss families


Mr. Huffman,


I am writing regarding the information on my relatives in Brown County, IL.  I'm researching the Hoover family and have run into several road blocks regarding this family.  I see where the Brown County 1860 and 1880 Census both show Henry Hoover, to whom I have traced back in my direct line.  We have many descrepencies on who he was married to (or more than once) and where he came from (or they came from).  I have the page numbers listed below -- will it show what's on their stones?  This may help with my search.


Amanda E. Hoover ---- 90  (she died at a young age?)

Henry Hoover -- 17

Mary Hoover ---  206

Nancy E. Hoover ---- 17

Polly Hoover ---- 17


Particularly, I'm looking for Henry Hoover's parents, spouse(s), dates.  Please let me know what the information shows when you get a chance -- my son is attending college at John Wood Community College in Perry, IL and he's having a hard time finding the cemeteries (as he's lived in NC now since 1993). I was originally from MO, and have started this search, which strangely enough, is leading me to a county near where I live now in NC.  Maybe any information can direct me better.


Mr. Huffman,


I have recently emailed you about looking up information on some of my Hoover relatives.  I now see that I have two from the Boss family that I wonder where they are buried and what their stones might have:


Page 88 - Andrew Boss and also shows Geroma (I show it was Jeroma) Boss


These are also in Brown County cemeteries.


Thanks again for your help.


Michelle (Hoover) Benskin