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Dear Jenny,


Nice to hear from you again. I wish I could say Ken was home twiddling his fingers, but he’s back in Atlanta at work. His next one week vacation is in late June. Sigh.


I need to ask a favor. In order to keep page numbers straight on the censuses, it’s important to keep requests for 1860 and 1870 on separate emails. In this request, Isaac Houston on B167 is actually in the 1870 census, and Isaac Huston is on B1203 of the 1860. It took some time for me to catch onto this and look at the correct films. In the future, if you can send just one year per request, it might be less likely to get mixed up. Much appreciated.


I’m going to combine all your lookups on this answer. First, 1860, then 1870, then Cemetery listings. I also threw in a marriage. In the case of the cemetery listings, the Tice family also has a family history on pp. 627-628 of the cemetery book. It contain a lot more information. I have made reference to it for some details. When Ken is home he can scan and send those pages to you if you want them, so let me know.


Here we go. J





1860 Fed Census, Brown Co, IL

Buckhorn twp, 1203/1148


Isaac Houston 32, farmer, Kentucky

Mrs. E. Houston 26, Illinois

M.J. (female) 10, Illinois

A.E. (female) 8, Illinois

J.J. (male) 6, Illinois

S.C. (female) 4, Illinois

J.H. (male) 2, Illinois

Infant (male) 1m, Illinois




1870 Fed Census, Brown Co, IL

Versailles Twp 124/124


James Martin 35, laborer, Virginia

Sarah Martin 20, keeps house, Illinois

Benjamin Hill 30, laborer, North Carolina




170 Fed Census, Brown Co, IL

Buckhorn twp 167/167


Isaac Huston 43, farmer, Kentucky

Elizabeth Huston 36, keeps house, Illinois

Mary Huston 20, Illinois

James Huston 16, Illinois

Sarah Huston 14, Illinois

John Huston 12, Illinois

Stephen Huston 10, Illinois

Malinda Huston 8, Illinois

Isaac Huston 6, Illinois

Martha Huston 2, Illinois




From Marriages of Brown Co, IL: Isaac Houston m. Elizabeth Maltby 30 Aug 1849.




Cemeteries of Brown Co, IL

Mt. Sterling City Cemetery, pp. 238,267, 627,628


Avis Simmons, wife of Frank Tice (1891-1971)

Frank Tice, son of William & Emma Tice & husband of Avis (1891-1955)

Clara Buss, wife of Homer Tice (1889-1931) Homer is listed on p. 267 as a nephew of William & George, but no burial is found. Could have been a WWI casualty.

Edna Tice, dau of William & Emma Tice (1881-1962)

Emma B. Weaver, wife of William Tice (b. 10 Aug 1854 & d. 10 May 1906)

William Tice, son of Sam Tice & Elizabeth Briggle & husband of Emma Weaver (b. 31 Mar 1855 & d. 21 Aug 1941)

Ethel B. Hickman, wife of Harry F. Tice (1884-1958)

Harry F. Tice, son of William & Emma & husband of Ethel Hickman (1887-1966)

George W. Tice, brother of William Tice & son of Sam & Elizabeth Briggle Tice & husband of Maggie L. Taylor (b. 26 Jul 1861 & d. 28 Mar 1955)

Maggie L. Taylor, wife of George W. Tice (b. 18 Oct 1861 & d. 13 Nov 1914)


p. 418: Deaths in Brown County, IL 1958


Clarence F. Tice d. 20 Feb 1858 (also listed on p. 238 & 627. His 1st  wife was Calista Price and his 2nd was Rose Keifer))

Ethel B. Tice d. 5 Aug 1858 (Wife of Harry F. Tice, also listed on p. 238)


Clarence is a son of Jasper Tice and Annie Wilson, and a cousin to George and William (I think J).


Sam Tice is a son of John Tice/Theiss, the original settler by that name in Brown County. Page 627 says the original spelling of the name is Theiss and he was of German origin, though it doesn’t say he was born in Germany. The Theiss family is prominent in Shenandoah Valley (Virginia) where so many of the German immigrants settled before moving west to Kentucky and onward. So John may have been from one of these families. There is a will probated for John Tice with the Brown County Circuit Court.




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Hi Ken or Laurie,

                          Jenny again!  Can I have a census lookup please.



HOUSTON, Isaac (B1203)

MARTIN, James (V124)


and also for



HUSTON,, Isaac (B167)



Thought I'd give you something to do while you're on holiday, so you won't have to sit around twiddling your fingers out of bordom!!


                Regards Jenny


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