Bell, Gray, Jaques, Johnson, Lisenbee, Lucas, North, Wyley

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Dear Shirley,

Here’s the information you requested:


1860 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Mt. Sterling Twp


W. Bell  46 f North Carolina

J. D. Bell 23 m Illinois

J. R. Bell 17 m Illinois

F. M. Bell 14 m Illinois

M. F. Johnson 16 f Illinois


1860 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Elkhorn Twp


Hiram Jaques 44 m miller & farmer North Carolina

Mrs. N. Jaques 37 f  Kentucky

Louisa Jaques 22 f school teacher Illinois

Alma Jaques 18 m Illinois

Nesshi [Nephi] Jaques 15 m Illinois

Rachel Jaques 9 f Illinois

George Jaques 5 m Illinois

Russell Jaques 2 m Illinois

S. J. Jaques 3/12 f Illinois

B. North 21 m farmer Illinois



George Lisenbee 32 m farmer Illinois

Mrs. R. J. Lisenbee 39 f North Carolina

Samuel Lisenbee 9 m Illinois

Emma Lisenbee 4 f Illinois

William Lisenbee 2 m Illinois

Manda Lisenbee 10/12 f Illinois

Susan Wyley 22 f North Carolina


1860 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Lee Twp


D. R. Lucas 51 m MD Ohio

Mrs. S. A. Lucas 42 f Kentucky

William Lucas 32 m farmer Illinois

Newton Lucas 21 m Illinois

Mary E. Lucas 17 f Illinois

George W. Lucas 15 m Illinois

John H. Lucas 11 m Illinois

Ethan A. Lucas 9 m Illinois

D. W. Lucas 3 m Illinois

Infant Lucas 1 m Illinois

Ruben Gray 20 m Virginia



Ken Huffman


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Sorry to bother you again. Looking for
MF Johson  MStwp306
Hiram Jaques E968
DR Lucas L1411
George Lisenbee D973
I really appreciate all your help.
Shirley Honaker