Jaques, North

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Dear Susan,

Here’s the information you requested:


1860 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Elkhorn Twp


Hiram Jaques 44 m miller & farmer New York

Mrs. N. Jaques 37 f Kentucky

Louisa Jaques 22 f School Teacher Illinois

Alma Jaques 18 m Illinois

Nesshi [Nephi] Jaques 15 m Illinois

Rachel Jaques 9 f Illinois

George Jaques 5 m Illinois

Russell Jaques 2 m Illinois

S. J. Jaques 3/12 f Illinois

B. North 21 m farming Illinois



Hiram Jaques 25 m farmer New York

Mrs. R. Jaques 21 f Ohio



George M. Jaques 33 m farmer New York

Mrs. M. Jaques 28 f Ohio

Sarah Jaques 8 f Illinois

Mark Jaques 4 m Illinois

Sidney Jaques 2 m Illinois



Ken Huffman



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Oh Darn......I am sorry......I forgot to add two that I would like from the 1860 census.  Jaques, George M E1053, and Jaques, Hiram E1050.

I know that it seems like I am asking for every Jaques in the book, but the more and more I find out, I am related to almost everyone.

Thanks again.

This should about do it.



Hi!  It's me again.......I forgot the other Jaques, Hiram E968 in the 1860 census.

Sorry to be so annoying.