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Here is the information you requested:

From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, pp. 107-108


John Jennings 12 Oct 1875, age 69y, 6m, 27d

Mary Fry, wife of  John Jennings, 30 Apr 1872, age 61y, 7m, 15d

William H. Jennings, son of John and Mary Jennings, 17 Feb 1836 25 Sep 1908

Mary Post, wife of William H. Jennings, 27 Dec 1845 9 Nov 1909

Father Granville Theodore Jennings, son of John and Mary Jennings, 1848 1930

Mother G. Ann Osborne, wife of Granville Theodore Jennings, 1848 1940

Infant Patricia Ann Jennings, 1934, dau. of Herbert T. and Ann/Anna Jennings, [Herbert is grandson of Granville Theodore Jennings]

Baby girl Jennings, 1957, dau. of Donald and Mary Ann Jennings [Mary Ann Jennings is grandau. of Herbert T. Jennings]

Edgar M. Jennings, 8 Sep 1878 5 Mar 1907, son of Granville Theodore and Ann Jennings.

Mary Ada Jennings,wife of Alfred Norton, 1888 1949, dau. of Granville Theodore Jennings.

Alfred Norton 1877 1934


Mt. Sterling City Cemetery, pp221-222, 256

Samuel Jennings 12 Apr 1882, age 76y

Elinora Elizabeth Jennings, dau. of John and May Jennings, 1 Oct 1840, age ?

Oliver G. Jennings 1870 1934

Emma Burmester, wife of Oliver G. Jennings, 1887 1966

John C. Jennings 1882 1965

Mamie Jennings, wife of John C. Jennings, 1884 1962

David Jennings, 1 Jan 1827 1 Apr 1906, son of a freed Negro slave.

Margaret Jennings, wife of David Jennings, 23 May 1863, age 53y, 7m



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Hi Ken and Luarie,

    This is Steve Shaffer writing again.  I just found out that there is a Fry connection to the Jennings family. 

    I would like to get the cemetery info on the Jennings that are on page 106, 221, and 222.

    On 106: Mary Fry Jennings, Granville, G. Ann Osborne, John, Mary (Post), Mary A., Mary Ann, Patricia Ann, Wiliam H., Donald, Ann, Infant Dau., Edgar M., and Herbert T.

    On page 221: Oliver G., Samuel, Emma, and John C.

    On page 222: Margaret and John C.

    THANK YOU in advacne for you help.  I really appreciate you helping me out.  Have a great day.


Steve Shaffer of Michigan