Names: Bates, Bowen, Clark, Greenwell, Nokes, Six, Stover, Turner, Wilson

From: Ken & Laurie Huffman [[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2002 6:02 PM
To: Jenny Matson
Subject: RE: 1880 Brown Co. Census
Here are your lookups. Have a great day.
Cemeteries of Brown County, IL
Cleaves Cemetery, Lee township, p. 95,97
Je[p]tha Wilson (1832-1874)
Infant Wilson (no dates)
Stephen Wilson (d. ___, aged 65 years)
*Mary Nokes (1835-1876)
Jeptha Wilson (1832-1874) and wife, *Mary Nokes (no dates) with son, Stephen and dau Caroline (d. 1881, aged 23 yrs), wife of E. Bowen. The Mary Nokes listed does not have the married name of Wilson, but the dates match a possible wife. Also, Caroline is listed as Nokes, not Wilson in the burial listings, which can’t be right. It’s typical of the errors in the book. I found their marriage:
BOWEN, E.F.  married  WILSON, CAROLINE, BROWN CO, IL - 05/09/1878 - BkC/p139/#2263
Mt. Sterling City Cemetery, p. 218
Addie Wilson, wife of James Greenwell (1883-1967)
Julia Six, wife of James Greenwell (23 Mar 1873 – 11 Jan 1947)
James Greenwell (1868-1965) son of William M. & Mary Ann (Bates) Greenwell
Addie Stover Greenwell (no dates), dau of Luther & Susan H. (Turner) Wilson
Mt. Sterling city Cemetery, pp 236, 266
Addie Wilson, wife of E. Stover (1883-1967)
Everett Stover (1879-1943) son of John & Theresa (Clark) Stover
It appears Addie Wilson first married Everett Stover, who died in 1943, then she married James Wilson, whose first wife, Julia Six, had died in 1947. James died next, in 1965, then Addie in 1967.



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Hi Laurie,

                I know how you feel when it comes to the "letdown", I'll feel like that in a couple of weeks. I'm volunteering help for our local school production at the moment & at times I wished it were all over now! But, when it is over, I'' be "lost" for a while. Anyway, you did do a great job & I've been rapped with the extras I've found already.


Now to give you something to do, can I have another lookup please!

A Cemetery one please:


WILSON, Jetha, Stephen & Infant (97)

WILSON, Addie (218)

WILSON, Addie (237)

GREENWELL, Addie (Wilson) (218)

Thanks,  Kind regards  Jenny

>From: "Ken & Laurie Huffman"


>To: "Jenny Matson"

>Subject: RE: 1880 Brown Co. Census

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>Thank you! I think it took the entire weekend to finalize and we were drop

>dead weary, but there it is! Funny how after a big push you get a kind of

>letdown. We looked at each other, sighed, and said, “Well, let’s get to the

>next one”. What a hoot!


>Anyway, I’m available for lookups again. Have a great day (or night?) in NZ.






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>Subject: 1880 Brown Co. Census


>Hello Ken & Laurie,

> Just wanted to say congratulations for

>having the 1880 census on line. Well done!

> Regards Jenny (from NZ)



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