Names: Boss, Bradney, Crawford, Dodd, Long, Morris, Nokes, O'Connor, Shafer, Tice, Wilson

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Dear Jenny,


Here are your most recent name requests. They took awhile. We have been setting up our family website. If you want to take a look at what we have so far, go to:




Cemeteries of Brown Co, IL

Cleaves Cemetery, Lee twp, pp. 95,96,98


Johnny & Ellen Bradney, children of George & Elizabeth Nokes Bradney (not dates given)


p. 98 – No Elizabeth Nokes.

           Mary Nokes, wife of Jeptha Wilson (1832-1874) Family Relationship section




Mt. Pleasant (Fargo) Cemetery, Lee twp, p. 105


Humbert Bradney (1877-1953) son of J.W. & Caroline Bradney

Cora Lee Shafer (1878-1959), wife of Humbert Bradney

Elmer E. Bradney (1865-1931), son of J.W. & Caroline Bradney

Cora May Nokes (1873-1905), wife of Elmer E. Bradney

J.W. Bradney (1832-1912)

Caroline H. Long (d. 4 Nov 1895, age 52), wife of J.W. Bradney

S.T. Bradney (d. 13 Mar 1902, aged 71-2-26), brother of J.W. Bradney

Elizabeth Morris (d. 3 Sep 1882, aged 49-11-20), wife of S.T. Bradney

Martha, dau of S.T. & Elizabeth Bradney (d. 21 Sep 1864, aged 4 years)

James S., son of S.T. & Elizabeth Bradney (d. 22 Jul 1851, aged 1 year)

Mabel O’Connor (1879-1937), dau of Humbert & Cora Shafer Bradney




Mt. Sterling City Cemetery, p. 229


Mary Gertrude Nokes (1904-1922) dau of Albert & Florence (Tice) Nokes. Albert is the son of Sylvester D.

 Nokes and Anna J. Dodd.




Mounds Cemetery, Timewell, Pea Ridge twp, p. 294


George H. Bradney (1836-1924)

Elizabeth Nokes (1837-1921) wife of George H. Bradney

Wendell E. Bradney (1897-1972)

Flossie Boss (1890-1919) 1st wife of Wendell E. Bradney

Edgar T. Bradney (1859-1904)

Emma Crawford (1869-1920) wife of Edgar T. Bradney




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Subject: Brown County Cemetery Lookup


Hi Laurie,

                   Thankyou for the Wilson Cemetery Lookup, & an extra thankyou for adding that "little bit extra". It's very much appreciated. I have now sorted out the Greenwell/Stover puzzle. Had to reply to you through my address book as I was having trouble replying the usual way - the computer (stupid thing) was telling me I had performed an "illegal operation"!!. Anyway, you're a gem.


May I have another lookup please, for CEMETERY:


BRADNEY, Wendell E. (294)

BRADNEY, Elizabeth (Nokes) (294) (98)

BRADNEY, Elmer E. (105)


NOKES, Mary Gertrude (229)


Thanks, regards Jenny



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