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Dear Vicki,


Here is the family you requested. The index number was actually 1025, which threw me at first. But found it after a "little" mental exertion. :)


Please note that this name was spelled Collash in the actual census. We have changed it on the index to match the spelling used by the family.


I have added the cemetery listings for the family as well, in case you don't have them. Hope this helps,


Laurie Huffman

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1860 Federal Census, Illinois, Brown County, Elkhorn Township, 8 July, 1025/983:


Frid. [Frederick] Kallasch, 45, carpenter, Germany

Adolph Kallasch, 20, farming, Germany

Edward Kallasch, 12, Germany

William Kallasch, 1, Illinois

Mary Kallasch, 74, Germany

Rosena [or RobinaKunth, 63, Germany


There are no relationships given in 1860 - which leaves us wondering about little William. And where is Mom? (see cemetery listing below)



Cemeteries of Brown Co, IL, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Elkhorn township, pp 80,81:


Frederick Kallasch (16 Sep 1815-22 Jan 1892)

Fredericka, wife of F. Kallasch (5 Nov 1818-11 Dec 1882) NOTE: Where she is in 1860 is a mystery, unless the census taker or the copier

                    simply missed her name.

Adolph Kallasch (10 Feb 1840-2 Oct 1916)

Mary, wife of Adolph Kallasch (31 Oct 1845-23 May 1921)

Theodore, son of A. & M. Kallasch (d. 9 Jun 1883 aged 15y 6m 19d)

Bertha, dau of E. & D. Kallasch (d. 12 Mar 1881 aged 2y 5m 22d)

William Kallasch (d. 31 Mar 1889 aged 29y 8m 9d)

Mary Elizabeth, wife of William Kallasch (10 Jun 1784-23 Feb 1873) NOTE: This appears to be the Mary in the 1860 census. The William listed,

                    who died in 1889 is likely the child who is 1 year old in 1860. There is no other William Kallasch in the cemetery listings, so her husband

                    (who must be Frederick's father) may have died before they arrived in the county.



Gottfried Kunth (10 Jan 1789-18 Sep 1852)

Robina, wife of G. Kunth (6 Jan 1792-12 May 1871)




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Frid Kallash* E1045

Thanks Vicki Perry