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Dear Bill,

There was a newspaper running at that time. However, 1853 is pretty far back and copies may not have survived. In the county, there are microfilms of some of the surviving newspapers. The Mt Sterling Public Library has copies of these microfilms. I do not know if they have all, but they can tell you for sure. Sometimes these kinds of resources are available for interlibrary loans, so you may want to check on that too.


You’ll need to contact the County Clerk to see if there are probate records for Peyton. Those are all kept at the Courthouse.


Hope this helps.


Ken huffman


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Was there a local newspaper serving  the Mt. Sterling  area in 1853? I am looking for any article regarding the life of Peyton R. Keith who apparently died in mid January ,1853. His will was written Jan 10th and filed Jan 24, 1853.If so, would copies be available in Brown Co. ,or should I expect to only find them at the State Historical Library in Springfield? Thank you, Bill Bickell