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Here is the name you requested, except that the index and page both say Eliza, rather than Elizabeth. On p. 303 (family groupsings) it is implied, but not actually stated that she is the daughter of Joshua and Gulielma Keller. Because the family is small, I have also listed what appear to be siblings, and one child from a later generation. The name appears as Keller or Kellar amongst the three pages.


Laurie Huffman




Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois 1825-1972

Mounds Cemetery of Timewell, Pea Ridge Township, pp. 295-297, 303.


p. 297 & 303:

Joshua Keller (9 Apr 1798-31 Jul 1873)

Gulielma E., wife of Joshua Keller (31 Aug 1804-1 Aug 1898)

George V. Keller (17 Dec 1837-17 Apr 1685)

George Emil Keller, son of J. R. & M. A. Keller (19 Jul 1875 aged 1 year) The initials of the mother are found only on p. 303.

John R. Keller (d. 26 Jun 1871 aged 25y 1m 9d)


p. 296 & 303:

Maria Kellar Hartley (4 Jun 1842-2 Jun 1878) Husband not listed.


p. 295 & 303:

Eliza L. Keller DeVinney (13 Jun 1830-1 May 1891) Husband not listed.





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 Would you be so kind as to look for an Elizabeth L Keller 295 as shown on the cemetery index for Brown County?


I thank you so much for taking the time to do this..

Marilyn Canfield