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Here’s the information you requested:


1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Mt Sterling Twp



[This entry is almost unreadable. The family that Joseph is living with surname looks like it ends with ---inn. The husbands given name is unreadable and the wife’s given name is Celinda. Joseph’s surname is _endrick and the first letter is unreadable.]

Joseph _endrick 11 m domestic Illinois



Nathaniel Kendrick 63 m farmer Kentucky

Margaret Kendrick 62 f Kentucky

Anna Kendrick 29 f Illinois

Eveline Kendrick 27 f Illinois

Helen Kendrick 22 f Illinois



Stout Kendrick 34 m farmer Kentucky

Elizabeth Kendrick 29 f Illinois



Wallace Kendrick 37 m farmer Kentucky

Mary J. Kendrick 33 f Ohio

Leona M. Kendrick 3 f Illinois


Ken Huffman


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Hello Ken & Laurie,
                  Same as with the last I sent, can I please have another
lookup - don't rush!

KENDRICK, Nathaniel (MSTWP 239)
KENDRICK, Wallace (MSTWP 241)

Thankyou, regards Jenny Matson

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