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The origins and family of Edward Miller of Lee Township, Brown County, Illinois.


There is a problamatical error on p. 108 of Cemeteries of Brown County, IL, Mt. Pleasant (Fargo) Cemetery, Lee Township. Under the surname Miller in the family relationships section we find a reference to Edward Miller (d. 1868, age 35). In this paragraph he is named as the brother of John W. Miller (d. 1889, age 76) and of Stephen Miller (1821-1900). Also listed is a Samuel Miller (1854-1927), but no relationship to the others is suggested. However, this Samuel is the son of a Samuel Miller (& Cynthia) of Kentucky, and a probable blood relation to John and Stephen.


The brothers, John W. Miller and Stephen Miller were both born in Kentucky, arriving sometime before 1840 in Brown CountyEdward Miller arrived with Robert Miller sometime between 1850 and 1860, from Ireland


In the 1860 census, Edward Miller, age 25, is found living in Lee township, in the home of Robert Miller, age 28. Both Robert and Edward were born in Ireland, and we shall assume they were brothers, though they could be some other relation.


On 8 Jan 1861, Edward Miller married Jane McPhail in Brown County. Jane is probably the daughter of Angus McPhail. Even though she is not mentioned in the McPhail histories, Jane does appear as a daughter in his family in the 1860 census, and her first child with Edward was named Angus.


On 8 Jan 1868, Edward Miller died at the age of 35y 2m, and was buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Lee Township.


In the 1870 census, Lee Township, Jane Miller, is alone with her children: Angus 8 (named for his grandfather), Jason (this is actually Jesse, a girl) 5, and Elizabeth 3.


On 22 Feb 1876, Jane Miller remarried to John Kerr, a widower.


In the 1880 census, Lee Township, we find John and Jane Kerr with a mixed family, his and hers from former marriages. The Miller children are Jesse A. (female) 16, and Lizzie L. 13, step-daughters. In both cases their father was born in Ireland. Their 18 year old brother, Angus, was working out at the Irvin Horn farm in Lee Township.


On 25 Mar 1882 Jane McPhail Miller Kerr died and was buried next to her first husband, Edward, in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Lee Township.


Based on the foregoing evidence, it seems clear that Edward Miller is no relation to John W. Miller and Stephen Miller, as was erroneously stated in the Family Relationships section of Mt. Pleasant (Fargo) Cemetery, Lee Township, p. 108.


Laurie Huffman


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