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Dear Phyllis,

Here's the information you requested:


Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois

Mt Sterling City Cemetery p. 224


Michael King  1851-1935

Andella wife of Michael King  1860-1939

Fred O. King 7 Apr 1898 - 5 Feb 1944   Ill 180 AM Tr 33 Div.

John King  1900-1972

Raymond C. King  1878-1946

Minnie O. wife of Raymond C. King  1880-1939


Clementine wife of E. P. King Sep 1899 - 38 yrs, 7 m, 20 days.


p. 408

Misc Burials:

Mrs. Cementine King, 39 yrs, consumption, City Cemetery, 13 Sep 1899


[E. P. King is not buried here. His name is only mentioned as the spouse of Clementine.]



Ken Huffman


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They always say to get good results--ask busy people--and since I see your

names tagged to all kinds of great help for genealogists, I guess that

means you are the ones to ask.


I am looking for information on the King family listed on page 224 and also

Clementine King on page 408.


I have a family member named Elmer Pope King; and have found three

marriages for him.  I want to find out if  he did marry all three;

Clementine, Ida and Norah.  I have found an Elmer and Norah buried in

Oklahoma Cty., Okla..  If the E.P. King is buried here, I will know these

are two different people.


Thank you for all the good things you have done and for anything you can

find for me.




Phyllis in Oregon