NAMES: Kirkpatrick, Knight, Wright

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Here are the listings you requested. It appears the children of John Wright (age 45) have been split up, possibly due to the death of their mother).

Lauire Huffman


1860 Fed Census, Pea Ridge, Brown Co, IL 1524/1462 (25 Aug):

M.B. Kirkpatrick 29, farmer, b, OH
Mrs. M.J. Kirkpatrick 25, b. PA
Alice Kirkpatrick 9/12 b. IL
William Wright 9, b. IL


1860 Fed Census Pea Ridge twp, Brown Co, IL 1528/1466 (25 Aug):

John Wright 15, b. VA (works on the farm of Conrad Long)


1860 Fed Census, Pea Ridge twp, Brown Co, IL 1641/1579 (6 Sep):

James Knight 32, farmer, b. KY
Mrs. C. Knight 19, b. VA
James Knight 2, b. IL
B.A. Wright 12 (female) b. VA
John Wright 45, farmer, b. VA


Note: James F. Knight married Columbia A. Wright 7 Mar 1858, Brown Co, IL