Lester, Trabue

From: Ken and Laurie Huffman [[email protected]]
Sent: Sunday, October 26, 2003 7:54 AM
To: James L Andvik
Subject: RE: Brown County Permanent Residents Index

Dear James,

The cemeteries book give a variety of combinations of the mentioned information you desire. Since the index you used was done, I have completed a more thorough index that combined many of the names into single individuals, so your list of requested individuals  my result in fewer individuals. Much of the provided information was gotten by having someone read the headstones. On very old stones the information was not always clear and the ready may have made mistakes. But in spite of all this, this record is the best Brown county has.


From Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois


Cleaves Cemetery, pp. 96-97

Mary Trabue Lester [broken stone, no dates]

John Lester, son of Harvey and Mary Lester, 16 Dec ?

Matilda T. Lester, dau. of Harvey and Mary Lester, 7 Oct 1849, age 8 y, 1 m, 13 d.

Franklin Lester, son of Harvey and Mary Lester, 5 Apr 1862, age 25 y, 8 m, 1 d.



Ken Huffman



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From: James L Andvik [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 9:56 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Brown County Permanent Residents Index


Hello,  I am interested in information on the Lester family listed below.
 Not  knowing what information is contained in the book, I'm hoping for
Death dates and possibly Birth dates.

Lester, Franklin________ 96
Lester, H.________ ________96
Lester, John________ ________96
Lester, M.________ ________96
Lester, Mary________ ________96
Lester, Matilda T.________ 96

James Andvik

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