Names: Byons, James, Lewis, Parker, Redding

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Please do use it.  I haven`t located all of the children of James and his 2 wives and I might find someone who can connect.
Thanks loads.
Virginia in La.
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Dear Virginia,


Thank you for the summary of your family. With your permission we would like to include it on the website for the benefit of others searching the James Lewis family line. We would use your email address as a reference. Let me know if this is all right.


I do not know about any research connection with Pike county, but I am sure if you contact their GenWeb site, they will be of help answering that question.


Best wishes,


Laurie Huffman


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Thanks so much for looking up the Lewis` on  the 1860 census for me.  It is sure a big help when you can`t read a census if it is not on line.

You are right about the 2 Lewis families.  The one I am trying to figure out is James Lewis and EmilyDale-Lewis.  James was bn in Ky and Cecil Lewis (Mrs Warren Lewis who wrote the article for the Brown Co History) said he was of Welsh descent but I cannot find any connection so far to Wales.  I believe his father was Joseph Lewis bn ca 1770-1780 I think in Va.  This family is in "Pioneer Lewis Families" by Michael L. Cook but it seems that Mr Cook confused the elder Joseph and and another Joseph in the area at the same time.  In the 1850 census of Brown Co., Is an Abraham, Andrew Jackson and Benjamin  (all bn in Ind.  Putnam and Hendricks Co.and am in the process of proving they are children of Henry and Hannah Griffith Lewis, son of Joseph 1770-1780) all in Buckhorn Twp.  These 3 and my gt grandfather, Thomas Arbuckle Lewis all enlisted in the civil war in the same Co., and Inf. and on the same day.  Andrew Jackson married in Brown Co. to Isabella Lucetta Parker.  An Abraham also married in Brown Co to a Peggy Neely. (No info) Then I find an Abraham in Macouphin Co with a Priscilla  where I believe he died.  Then Priscilla shows up in Green Co as a widow. Don`t know which is my Abraham.  

 My James Lewis married 1st to Emily Mandaville Dale in Hendricks Co Ind in 1835.  In 1834 Emily`s mother Sarah Evans-Dale (widow of James Dale) married Joseph Lewis.  The two families moved to Putnam Co where James first child, Isabel, is born in 1836, the same year that Sarah`s husband Joseph Lewis died .  He is buried in the Palestine Cemetery, Floyd Twp., Putnam Co., Ind.  Joseph had a son John who is also buried there.  James Lewis, his wife and children and Emily`s mother moved to Pike Co., Illinois. Their first born son, Joseph died in 1838 and is  buried in the Seaborn Cemetery in Pike Co.Two other girls from this Emily also die and are buried there in 1851, and 1856.   Emily  died in 1850 and I believe she is also buried in Seaborn but have no proof.  In 1851, James re-married to Emily Jane Dale, widow of John Norton, and had another family. The first Emily`s mother died in the home of James Lewis and his 2nd wife, on or about the 6 July1866 in Brown Co. where she left a will which I have a copy of.  James shows up in 1880 in Brown Co then moves to Mo and into Ks where he died but is buried just across the line in Mo.  Many of the Brown Co people moved to Ks, Mo, Oregon, Washington.  Oh yes, I just found Andrew Jackson and Isabella Lewis in Yakima Co Washington.  There is also 2 Benjamin`s but haven`t figured them out yet because they were both bn in Ind.  Just to confuse every one even more there was another James Lewis in Brown Co but he moved on to Mo where he established some kind of buseness that I cannot recall at this time.  So far I cannot connect my James Lewis to any of the Lewis in Pike Co.  Cannot even find anyone researching them.  They seem to come from the Warner Hall branch.

Would you happen to know of anyone who is researching the Lewis` of Pike Co?


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Ken asked me to do this lookup, and I have some information for you, and a few puzzlers. First, I will give exactly the listings you requested, then I will add a few items, and summarize at the bottom.






1860 Fed Census, Illinois, Brown County, Pea Ridge township, 28 Aug


Joseph Lewis 60, farmer, KY

William Lewis 25, farmer, KY

Mrs. J. Lewis 25, KY




1860 Fed Census, Illinois, Brown County, Versailles, 18 July


T. B. James 38, farmer, Maryland

Mrs. N. James 34, NC

George Lewis 9, IL

James F. Lewis 8, IL




1860 Fed Census, Illinois, Brown County, Cooperstown twp, 27 June


Lewis Redding 30, cooper, PA

Mrs. A. C. Redding 30, OH

John H. Byons 6, IL

I. J. Redding (male) 6, IL

Mortimer Redding 4, MO

Oscar A. Redding 1, IL

Alonzo Lewis 9, IL

Ann Parker 16, domestic, IL




1860 Fed Census, Illinois, Brown County, Ripley twp, 19 June


Eliza Lewis 45, Ireland

John Lewis 20, farming, IL

Thomas :Lewis 18, farming, IL




I have done a quick comparison of Lewis families between 1840 and 1880, and I believe there are two distinct family groups. One came from Ireland (John & Elizabeth  “Eliza” Lewis), and the others appear to descend from James Lewis, who came out of Wales into Virginia, then to Kentucky, with stops in Indiana and Missouri. In Cemeteries of Brown County book, pp. 558-559, there is a brief  history of the Warren Lewis family, which descends through James (Welsh). Eliza Lewis, who appears in 1860, is the widow of John Lewis, who appears in the 1850 census, and they have two sons, John and Thomas, and an older daughter named Catherine, who married a Benton. There is a brief history of the John & Eliza (Elizabeth McCabe) family in the History of Brown County, p. 664.


Since I don’t know which family you might be seeking, I hope this explanation will be of help to you. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.


Best of luck in your search,


Laurie Huffman





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Could you please do a look-up in the 1860 Brown Co Ill Census for the following:


Lewis, Alonzo  C486

Lewis, Eliza     R336

Lewis, George  V848

Lewis, Joseph   P1548


I checked and these names have not been looked up before.  Thanks for your help.

Virginia in La.