Names: Lieneke, Varner

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Here are the names you requestedI hope they will be of help to you.


Laurie Huffman



Cemeteries of Brown County, IL 1825-1972

Rusk Cemetery, Elkhorn Township, pp. 76, 77.


From the introduction to Rusk Cemetery: "Rusk Cemetery is located in the northeast corner of Miss Sarah Lieneke's eighty acres. . . Jacob Lieneke came with his family from Germany in 1837. They came to Elkhorn Township in March 1855 and purchased this farm from Jacob Rusk in December 1860. Mr. Lieneke was a bootmaker by trade and he made shoes and boots for many of his neighbors."


Jacob E. Lieneke (d. 12 Jul 1893 aged 86y 5m 20d)

Catherine, wife of Jacob E. Lieneke (d. 30 Oct 1891 aged 75y 4m 7d)

August Lieneke (d. 8 Mar 1917 aged 66y 1m 5d) Son of Jacob E. & Catherine Lieneke.

Nancy Ann Varner, wife of August Lieneke (d. 22 Sep 1913 aged 57y 5m)

Infant son of August & Nancy Ann Lieneke (7 Dec 1871) No other date or age given.

Mary Ann Lieneke (d. 10 Feb 1891 aged 14y 4m 18d) Dau of Jacob E. & Catherine Lieneke.

Maria Caroline Lieneke (d. 19 Apr 1942 aged 68y 10m 24d) Dau of Jacob E. & Catherine Lieneke.

Sarah Lieneke (1880-1960) Dau of Jacob E. & Catherine Lieneke.







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Hi Laurie,


Would you please send me the information regarding:


Lieneke, August________ 77
Lieneke, Catherine________ 77
Lieneke, Infant Son________ 77
Lieneke, Jacob E.________ 76
Lieneke, Maria Caroline________ 77
Lieneke, Mary Ann________ 77
Lieneke, Nancy Ann (Varner)________77
Lieneke, Sarah________ ________77


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