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Dear Sheila,

I think you need to go to the VAGHS web site and look at their publications. There is a Logsdon Family book there that will be of greater help than I can be,

Versailles Area Genealogical and Historical Society
P.O. Box 92
Versailles, IL 62378
Website -


At least write to them and see if they will do lookups that can prove the value of the book to you.


Hereís the information you requested:

Logsdon Cemetery. pp 49-50

George Logsdon, 30 Mar 1881, age 86 y, 8 m. 20 days.

Sallie Logsdon, wife of George Logsdon, 23 Aug 1887, age 88 y., 7 m., 18 days. [The entry in the DeWitt Cemetery pp. 42-43 has her age as 88y, 7m. 13 days. I donít know which one is correct, so this will be a task for the Logsdon Book.]


In a brief description of this cemetery, Edward and Polly (Brown) Logsdon are mentioned as the parents of George Logsdon, no dates are given and the text seems to imply that Edward and Polly did not move to Brown County. I have attached some scans of the information.

Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois, p. 49

Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois, p. 50a

Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois, p. 50b

Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois, p. 50c


Mt Sterling Cemetery, pp. 225, 258-259

George Logsdon, 1856-1948

Sue McPherson, wife of George Logsdon, 1866-1948



I hope this helps a little.

For Marriages before 1900 go to

For deaths after 1916 go to


I donít charge for this. I do it because itís fun and I have an interest in it. Three of my 2nd great grandfathers and two of my 3rd great grandfathers lived in Brown County. I have all the materials I used to research them so I try to help others the same way.


Let me know if you have problems with the scanned images.



Ken Huffman




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Ken, thank you so much for taking time to research this. So many George's are confusing. I have it figured this way. George/Sally McKinsie Logsdon are the parents. There son George/Martha Rose Logsdon had a son George/ Sue Logsdon. If you have dates on any of these, I would love to have them. The first George was the son of an Edward and Polly Logsdon(Logston) Are they any where in your records? The first George was born in Kentucky and I am trying to connect him with his siblings. Apparently there were some large families of 11-13 children. Any information on any children would be accepted gladly! George/Martha had a son William who my son-in-law is descended. Thank you so much for your time. Please let me know what the fee is for your research time. I really appreciate the help. Sheila Smith