Abers, Brewer, Logsdon, Vandeventer

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Here are a couple census extractions of the people you are interested in:

1900 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Cooperstown Twp.

Edward Logsdon b. Nov 1863, a. 36, md,15y, Illinois, Kentucky, Kentucky

Minnie Logsdon, b. Oct 1867, a. 32, ch: 5, 5 liv, Illinois, North Carolina, Illinois

Ola Logsdon, b. Jun 1887, a. 12, Illinois, Illinois, Illinois

Clyde Logsdon, b. Aug 1890, a. 9, Illinois, Illinois, Illinois

Dorris Logsdon, b. Oct 1892, a. 7, Illinois, Illinois, Illinois

Earnest Logsdon, b. Sep 1895, a. 4, Illinois, Illinois, Illinois

Olga Logsdon, b. Sep 1897, a. 2, Illinois, Illinois, Illinois


Edward Logsdon m. Minnie E. Brewer, 30 Aug 1885, Brown County, Illinois [From Illinois Marriages web site: http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/GenealogyMWeb/marrsrch.html ]


1900 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Elkhorn Twp.

Slayter Vandeventer b. Sep 1859, 40, md 18y, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio

Viola Vandeventer, b. Feb 1862, 38, ch: 10, 8-liv., Illinois, Ohio, Illinois

Charles M. Vandeventer, b. Sep 1882, 17, Illinois, Illinois, Illinois

Eugene Vandeventer, b. Nov 1883, 16, Illinois, Illinois, Illinois

Jesse Vandeventer, b. Dec 1884, 14, Illinois, Illinois, Illinois

Emaline Vandeventer, b. May 1887, 12?, Illinois, Illinois, Illinois

Alma Vandventer (fem.), b. May 1890, 10, Illinois, Illinois, Illinois

Daniel Vandeventer, b. Dec 1893, 6, Illinois, Illinois, Illinois

Grace Vandeventer, b. Feb 1896, 4, Illinois, Illinois, Illinois

Hallie Vandeventer, b. May 1898, 2, Illinois, Illinois. Illinois


Slater L. Vandeventermd. Viola Abers, 13 Nov 1881, Brown County, Illinois. [From Illinois Marriages web site: http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/GenealogyMWeb/marrsrch.html ]



Sincerely, Ken Huffman



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I am attempting to gather information for two past residents of the Versailles vicinity  Would you by chance be able to provide the names of the parents for:


Ernie Logsdon:          September 21, 1895 - January 1982

Hallie Vandeventer     May 19, 1898 - January 15, 1988