NAMES: Patterson, Glaze, Hawley, Kallasch, Seymour, Wood

My mother, Ms. Mary May Patterson was born in Timewell, Illinois on Sept. 19 , 1919 and has a sister, Rhoda Elaine Patterson,born Nov. 22, 1923. Their mother was the late Gladys Mae "Kallasch" Patterson, born Oct 11, 1899 in Marden, Lee Township (Brown, Co. ) Illinois, died Sept. 20 1979 in South Gate (Los Angeles, Co.) California. She was the wife of the late Leo Glaze Patterson, born March 10, 1897 in Timewell (Brown, Co.) Illinois, died January 11, 1973 in Brandon, Mississippi. Gladys was the daughter of Louis Kallasch and Linnie Mae Wood of Timewell, Illinois. Leo G. "Pat" Patterson was the son of William Hamilton Patterson and Mary Jane Glaze of Versailles, then, Timewell, Illinois.

Note: The two daughters, Ms.Mary May "Patterson" Seymour of Porterville, Mississippi and Ms. Elaine R. Hawley, were separated in 1928, while living in Jackson, Mississippi, when their mother deserted Mary Mae Patterson, age 7 and Leo G. Patterson, taking only the youngest daughter Rhoda Elaine Patterson, age 4. Mary Mae Patterson later married Mr. James P. Seymour and lived in Jackson Mississippi until his death in 1995, at which time she moved to Porterville, Mississippi, to live with her youngest son, Mike Seymour. The only wish she had for 72 years, was to find her sister Elaine. With the limited information I could obtain from the memory of a traumatic event some 72 years ago, guided only by the grace of God, and the helpful information from people like yourself, I found my mothers sister Elaine, in Yucaith, California (the Los Angeles area), on Thursday, April 20, 2000. Mary Mae and Rhoda Elaine will be reunited after 72 years, on May 9, 2000, in Ontario, California. It has been learned, that Mary May and Elaine also have been blessed with a 1/2 sister, Florence, who will also join this reunion.