Names: Mace, Rodhouse/Rodehouse, Weigan

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Dear Alice,

Census information in 1870 was gathered by interview. The spelling of names in the census was often determined by how the respondent pronounced the name. Surname spellings were not really standardized until about 1860 and there may have been some period of adjustment before it was finally accomplished. In this case, I believe that all these names are the same in spite of the differences in spelling and pronunciation. This is a common situation in these censuses. Another source of spelling errors is in the making of copies of the census. The 1850 1870 censuses were copied twice, One for the State and a second one by the State for the Federal Census office. Our microfilms are of the second copy. The originals have been lost or destroyed over time. I am providing the information for the three census references you mentioned.


1870 Census, Brown County, Illinois, Town of Mount Sterling 12 July 1870


Mary A. Rodhouse 35 f whitener Germany

Albert Rodhouse 16 m Illinois

Catherine Rodhouse 18 f Illinois

Henry Rodhouse 15 m Illinois

Charles Rodhouse 12 m Illinois

Helen Rodhouse 10 f Illinois

Anna Rodhouse 5 f Illinois

Josephene Rodhouse 2 or 8 f Illinois [The age was garbled. It did not look like a 3 or 4, but may have been a 2 or 8]

Clara Rodhouse 2 f Illinois


1870 Census, Brown County, Illinois, Missouri Twp 8 Jun 1870


Adam Weigan 25 m farmer Ohio

Christianna Weigan 19 f Illinois

Henry Rodehouse 14 m Illinois


1870 Census, Brown County, Illinois, Pea Ridge Twp 15 Jun 1870


John H. Mace 31 m farmer Germany

Anna Mace 32 f  Germany

Albert Rodehouse 16 m Illinois



Ken Huffman



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Please look up for me:


Mary A. Rodhouse   MS 139


Also I found an Albert Rodehouse (P11) and a Henry Rodehouse (M6) and wonder if these are a mispelling (or a transcription error) of Rodhouse. I would appreciate information on these also if that would be possible.


Thank you very much.


Alice Rodhouse

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