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Dear Betty,

Here is the information you requested:

1860 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Lee Twp. (Buckhorn Post Office)

9 Aug 1860


Adam Mallard 35 m farmer North Carolina

Mrs. S. A. Mallard 48 f North Carolina

Alex Mallard 22 m North Carolina

Columbus Mallard 18 m North Carolina

Jane Mallard 15 f North Carolina

S. A. Mallard 13 f North Carolina

Martha Mallard 11 f North Carolina

A. E. Mallard 10 m North Carolina

J.A. Mallard 8 m North Carolina

Angeline Mallard 6 f North Carolina

S. A. Mallard 4 f Tennessee


I checked the burial records for the county and there are no Mallards listed. If by some chance they are buried here the records have been lost.


This marriage indicates that they were in the county at least until 1866:

TUCKER, THOMAS    MALLARD, ANGELINA    12/30/1866 C  /50   630      BROWN   


If the ages are correct for the census, Angelina is only twelve at the time of her marriage. I suspect there is a little misinformation in the Census.


There are so few records on Mallards in Illinois that it makes me think that this family moved on fairly soon.

The web url for the marriages is:

If you enter mallard as the surname for grooms, there are none. There only nine brides for the whole state from 1763 – 1900. So that’s not very many. You may want to check other possible spellings. I suspect that Alex and Columbus may not be Mallards.  Adam would have only been 13 when Alex was born. So either his age is wrong or his wife was previously married and Alex and Columbus were from the former husband. There does not appear to be any way to search for only the given name. I tried.



Ken huffman



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Hello, my name is Betty Richards. I live in Oklahoma.  I am doing research on ancestors, Mallard and Zumalt, (Zumwalt)  There is an Adam Mallard in the 1860 census that I am interested in.  It is listed as "Adam Mallard  L1305"  he is a great great uncle of mine.  I need to know if he was listed in the census as being married or having any children.  His mother may have been living with him at the time, her name was S. Mallard.  He was listed as having served in the civil war and was wounded.  His pension listed him as an invalid which is probably why his mother was with him. (to take care of him)  His last known place, that I traced him to was Buckhorn ILL.  I would love to find his burial place and find out if his mother is buried beside him.  would there be any way I can find someone to look up that information for me?  I would like to know if there is a tombstone for him and get a picture of it. 
Thank you for your time. 
Betty Richards