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These people are quite a mystery. Record wise they came from nowhere and disappeared into nowhere.. Thatís probably an overstatement. However, there are no Mallards listed in Brown County records except the ones I gave in the previous email. Mallard is such an unusual name in the US that youíd think they would stand out. Out of curiosity, I searched the whole US 1870, 1880 and 1850 censuses for Alexander and Adam. They donít show up in any of the censuses by those names. In each census, there were only 30-50 individuals with the Mallard surname spelled this way. Spelled Malard there were a few more. There was a Joseph Mallard in Georgia who could have been Adamís father based on ages of the members of his family.


Finding Alex in the 1862 Military census does one thing for you. It confirms that his age in the 1860 Census is probably correct. But as I mentioned preciously there are no burial records Burial records for any Mallards in the County.


Iím going to suggest a couple of things that may help, if finding these people is really important. now has many records available. They have most of the censuses indexed and online. I suggest that you get a membership and start searching for any records on the Mallards that you can find. It will cost a bit but it is an available resource. Another place you may want to try first is a search of LDS Church records at This one is free. Iíd search for any Mallards anywhere in the US from the 1830ís to now. There are relatively few, considering the amount of time covered.


There is one post Civil War factor. Some of the Mallards showing up are African Americans. Prior to the Civil War, they show up only in slave listings and often without surnames. So this may help to narrow some of your searching down during the late 1800ís and early 1900ís.


Hope this helps.


Ken Huffman


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Hi, this is Betty again,  I have another question on the Mallard family,  I was rereading what I had sent you the first time and I wrote Adam Mallard, I need to find  Alexander (Alex) Mallard.  He is listed as the first son for Susannah and Adam Mallard which you said was a possible maybe as Adam would have been 13 when he was born.  He is listed in the 1850 and 1860 census but after that he disappears.  Could he have died there in Buckhorn ILL? He was the one in the civil war and drew a pension there. Sorry to bother you again but I have so many questions and leads, but leads don't "lead" to anywhere, and no answers to to my questions.

Betty Richards
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