NAMES: Lovett, Marnell, Orton/Oortwyn

I wish I had better news. It appears the Marnell and Orton/Oortwyn families didn't actually live in Brown County during the important census years. I have line read the 1910 and 1920 with no luck at all. We do keep finding Nelson Lovett, father of Lucy Lovett, and her family, but no sign of the others.

I did some research on a woman who consistently lived in Schuyler county, married in Brown County and is finally buried in Brown county, although there is no other land ownership for her there on the records. A great number of people still see Schuyler and Brown counties as the same county (in their minds) since they were originally. Families frequently owned land on both sides of the river and did business back and forth - it's the same with other surrounding counties depending on which township they lived in - the nearest county bordering that township is frequently the one to search for other holdings and census listings.

If you haven't already checked out the surrounding counties, I suggest you do so. You might find just what you need. I also suggest you write to the Brown County Circuit Court Clerk and ask for all land records for the Marnell name and the Orton/Oortwyn. They might have one for Edward's missing son, or a land document where Edward names his son in a land sale or transfer. You can find the address for the Circuit Court Clerk on our Brown County Website:

In case it might be of interest to you, I have the vital data on Nelson Lovett from Cemeteries of Brown County:

Mt. Sterling City Cemetery, p. 225:

Nelson Lovett (d. 2 Aug 1899 aged 73y 10m.
Sarah F., (1st) wife of Nelson Lovett (d. 20 Feb 1868 aged 32y 11m 16d)
Infant son of Nelson Lovett (30 Dec 1862-8 Feb 1862)

Sorry we didn't find what you needed. Do stay in touch, and good luck in your continued search.
"Here are the entries from the Cemeteries of Brown County book:

Mt Sterling City Cemetery
Edward D. Marnell (1856 - 1885)
Lucy Lovett, wife of E. D. Marnell (1859 - 1949)
Florence H., wife of ______ Marnell (1890 - 1960)

In the Family Relationships section on p. 260
Edward D. Marnell and wife Lucy Lovett Oortwyn and daughter in law Florence Marnell."

I now believe the "Oortwyn" name is actually "Orton" and was the last name of Lucy's first or second husband.

I am in hopes of identifying the name of Edward's son, the husband of Florence H.. He was possibly born after 1880 but maybe not. A look at the 1880 census might turn up something.

_______? and Florence H. Marnell may appear in the 1900 or 1910 census. Lucy (possibly with a different last name, possibly Orton) may be listed in 1900 along with ____? Marnell since Edward was dead by this time.

All of this may be quite complicated but it would break a great block to further tracing of Edward Marnell's descendents.

Some other Marnell information shows here.

We have been cleaning up endless files and found the following lookup request. We need to know whether you ever received an answer from us - we can't find any evidence that answered. If we lost it, we apologize, and will get on it right away. Just let us know.

Ken & Laurie Huffman


Boxwell Hawkins wrote:

Dear Ken,

Several weeks ago you helped me with the Marnell family of Brown County. Sharon Hillyer of the Brown Co. Library was unsuccessful in locating any further information on the family. I did notice that the following entries with the name Orton appears on the web site. Do you suppose that these are the correct spelling for Oortwyn. Could you look and see if there is a family relationship between the Orton name and Lucy Lovett possibly her second marriage.

I'm going to continue to try to locate a 1900 or 1910 Census record for Brown Co. in hopes of finding Lucy Orton or Florence H. and _______Marnell.

Orton, Alta C. (Robbins)________ 299
Orton, Alta Clarissa________ 412
Orton, Clark Ellsworth________ 109
Orton, Clark________ ________109
Orton, Ellsworth________ 109
Orton, Eva________ ________101
Orton, Ida________ ________109
Orton, Mary Ann Elizabeth (Keller)________109
Orton, Mary Elizabeth (Ellsworth) Kellar________299
Orton, Vandeleur________ 299

Many thanks for your help.


Ken & Laurie Huffman wrote:

Dear Box,
Your best resource and probably closest for census will be the LDS Family History Center unless you are fortunate enough to live in a city, like Denver, that has a branch of the National Archive. Check your yellow pages for "The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" and look for their Family History Center. They are very helpful and may even give you some other ideas on where to search. Their Ancestral File and IGI are great helps in finding people who are related to you who have submitted information on their family.

Oortwyn may be a mispelling. One of the great problems with the cemetery book. That name only appears once and I don't know where she picked it up. If it was a second marriage, no one else by that name hung around lond enough to be buried there. If it is a mispelled name, that might explain a lot.

Boxwell Hawkins wrote:

Ken... Many, many thanks. I'm not sure where to go from here but it looks as though there are definitly descendents of Edward and Lucy. If I can find an 1880 census and a 1900 census for IL close by, that may be my next shot.

The name "Oortwyn"...could that be a remarriage of Lucy. The name doesn't show up even once on a US telephone directory search. Hmmm....

Thanks again for your prompt help


Ken & Laurie Huffman wrote:

Dear Box,
Here are the entries from the book:

Mt Sterling City Cemetery
Edward D. Marnell (1856 - 1885)
Lucy Lovett, wife of E. D. Marnell (1859 - 1949)
Florence H., wife of ______ Marnell (1890 - 1960)

In the Family Relationships section on p. 260
Edward D. Marnell and wife Lucy Lovett Oortwyn and daughter in law Florence Marnell.

Hope this helps.
Ken Huffman

Boxwell Hawkins wrote:

Ken.... I also noticed that there is a fourth Marnell (unnamed) listed. All as follows:

Marnell, (----)________ ________227
Marnell, Edward D.________ 227
Marnell, Florence H.________ 227
Marnell, Lucy (Lovett)________ 227

Sorry to bother you with this, as I know you are busy.