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Here are the listings you were interested in. I have added other material I thought might help.




Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois 1825-1972


1st mention - "Versailles Supplementary", Records of the Tarrant Funeral Home, p. 395

2nd mention - "Miscellaneous Burial Records", p. 411 (these were presumably taken from the newspaper for the year given)

3rd mention - Oscar R. is also listed in the Hersman Cemetery, Mt. Sterling Township, pp. 143, 149 as a possible brother of Fred W. McCoy. His wife is also

         listed as buried here. This occasionally happens when a family changes their mind about a place of burial the last minute.

    Oscar Reuben McCoy (4 Oct 1865-1 Apr 1944)

    Oscar R. McCoy (1865-1944)

    Florence Scanland (1873-1938) Wife of Oscar R. McCoy.


Another Oscar McCoy (earlier generation), and wife, is listed in the West Side Cemetery, Versailles, pp. 369, 382:


    Oscar McCoy (29 Sep 1847-28 Jan 1905)

    Laura E. Sides, wife of Oscar McCoy (6 Mar 1855-4 May 1949)


"Omissions from West Side Cemetery", Versailles, p. 400:


    Harriet McCoy, wife of David (1850-1928) There is no listing for David, only for his wife.


West Side Cemetery, Versailles, pp. 375, 387:


    Carrie McCoy, wife of Andrew J. Wilson (1868-1920)

    Andrew J. Wilson (1860-1936) A brother of Dr. Silvey J. Wilson.


I found these marriages using the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index Online

Note the marriage of Ida M. McCoy. I did not find her or her husband (John S. Varner) in the cemetery listings. Since there is no cemetery record or probate for David, it is reasonable to assume he moved west. Perhaps the Varners went with him.


MCCOY, DAVID C.                       WILSON, HARRIET                      09/22/1864 (C  /23   #278)      BROWN

MCCOY, OSCAR                         SIDES, LAURA E.                       02/14/1889 (1A /116  #1407)     BROWN              
MCCOY, OSCAR R.                      
SCANLAND, FLORENCE                   03/02/1892 (1A /150 #1809)     BROWN  

WILSON, ANDREW J.                     MCCOY, CARRIE                        12/04/1884 (C  /219  #876)      BROWN

VARNER, JOHN S.                      MCCOY, IDA M.                         02/18/1891 (1A /139  #1677)     BROWN


I hope these items will be of help to you.


Laurie Huffman


Brown County, ILGenWeb Project





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Am seeking information on Oscar Reuban McCoy (411) and father, David McCoy (400)Noticed there was an I. McCoy, also number 400.  Was wondering if this was child, Ia M. McCoy (b 1870). Noticed a third child, Carrie E (b 1868) was not listed.


Many thanks for your help. 


Jane Noble