Names: Brown, Carpenter, Covey, Gifford, Lear, McDowell, Perry, Waters, Watts, Whited

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Dear Judi,
Here are the cemetery listings you requested. My husband, Ken, is a descendant of the Whited family. John (Thomas) Whited (1828-1920) who married Eliza Gifford (1829-1905), was a brother to Ken's 3gg father, Isaac Whited. John T. and Isaac are two children of Thomas Whitehead and Mary Waters of Pennsylvania. Ken is also a descendant of the Gifford family, so he has a double connection with these listings. In the final paragraph I have used our own records to clarify a Cooperstown Cemetery family relationships entry.
Laurie Huffman
Cemeteries of Brown County, IL, pp. 8, 14, 15, 18, 34, 38, 40, 230, 408, 412.
Benville Cemetery, p. 8:
    John E. McDowell (25 Dec 1864-28 May 1906)
    Phoebe McDowell (no dates given) Wife of John McDowell.
Bowman Cemetery, Buckhorn twp pp. 14, 15:
    J. Emery McDowell (1899-1900)
    James McDowell (1874-1920)
    Joe McDowell (1896-1913) Headstone reads "Little Joe McDowell".
    Lillie Carpenter McDowell (1978-1971) Wife of J. McDowell.
    Nancy J. Brown McDowell (26 Jul 1846-7 Feb 1917) wife of R. A. McDowell.
    Robert anderson McDowell (25 Apr 1852) No ther dates given.
    Julia A. Carpenter Whited (1857-1926)
Cooperstown Cemetery, Cooperstown twp, p 34:
    Dean Whited (1901 ----) No other dates given.
    John Whited (8 Aug 1828-8 Jun 1920)
    Eliza, wife of J. Whited (11 May 1829-30 Mar 1905)
    Rebecca [Whited] (d. 7 Aug 1864 age 6 mo). Dau of J. & E. Whited.
    Anna[Whited] (d. Dec 21 [1871] age 6 mo) Dau of J. & E. Whited.
    John [Whited] (d. 11 Apr 1866 age 20y 9m) Son of  [Daniel & Rebecca] Whited. The parents' names
                were not included in the text. the connection was made using the fed. census, yrs. 1850-1870.
    John H. Whited (d. 7 Jan 1867 age 38 yr).
    Lulu May Whited (d. 7 Apr 1889 age 2y 3m). Dau of W. T. & S. M. Whited.
    Levia Whited (d. 2 Mar 1891 age 27 yrs). NOTE: p. 38 says 2 yrs.
    Joe Whited (1869-1955)
    Samuel Whited (9 Sep 1865-2 Feb 1901) NOTE: p. 408 (misc burials) gives his death date and place
                of burial again.
    Lizzie Whited (d. 22 Apr 1892 age 22y 0m 6d).
    John W. [Whited] (10 Jan 1888-30 Dec 1900) Son of George & Mary Whited.
    John Whited (1859-1946). NOTE: also on p. 412 (misc. burials) giving death date (21 Jun 1946).
    George Washington Whited (25 Mar 1861-21 Aug 1953).
    Clara [Covey] (10 Jan 1869-2 Mar 1952). Wife of G. W. Whited.
    Mary [Watts} (22 Nov 1863-18 Jan 1901) Wife of G. [W.] Whited.
    Samuel [Whited] (30 Sep 1890-6 Feb 19010 Son of G. W. Whited [and Mary Watts].
Cross Roads Cemetery, Cooperstown twp, p. 40:
    Mary Whited Lear (6 Oct 1822-6 Sep 1902) Wife of G. W. Lear.
    George W. Lear (12 Jul 1829-16 Oct 1898).
Mt. Sterling city Cemetery, p. 230:
    Anna Whited (no dates) "Wife of W. C. Perry??".
    William C. Perry (14 Mar 1844-6 Mar 1917).
Cooperstown Cemetry, p. 38 (Whited Family Relationships):
    John Whited (1828-1920) and wife Eliza (1829-1905) are here with the following family: (A) Rebecca
                (1864, aged 6 mos.); (B) Anna (1871, aged 6 mos.); (C) John (1866, aged 21 yrs.); (D) Joe
                (1869-1955); (E) Samuel (1865-1900); (F) George W. (1861-1953) and wives Clara Covey
                (1869-1952) and Mary Watts (1863-1901) and sons John H. [should be W] (1888-1900) and
                 Samuel (1890-1901).
    John H. Whited (1867, aged 38 yrs.). Lulu May, daughter of W. T. & S. M. Whited (1889, aged 2 yrs.)
                 and Livia (1891, aged 2 yrs.). The contributor made this comment: "These do not seem to fit into
                 the above family". NOTE (from our family records): Lulu and Livia are daughters of William
                 Thomas Whited (son of John Thomas Whited and Eliza Gifford) and Sarah Margaret Dunmire.
                 We have not yet identified which family John H. Whited belonged to. LH
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Hi Ken & Laurie,
When you get a chance could I please have the dates from the Cemetery Book. I checked the One Name Research section, but didn't see this names.
Thank you
Judi Gilker
Brown County, Illinois Cemetery Book.
McDowell, J. Emery________ 14
McDowell, James________ 14
McDowell, Joe________ 14
McDowell, John E.________ 8
McDowell, Lillie Carpenter________ 14
McDowell, Nancy J. Brown________ 14
McDowell, Phoebe________ 8
McDowell, Robert Anderson________ 14
Whited, Anna________ ________34,230
Whited, Clara________ ________34
Whited, Dean________ ________34
Whited, Eliza________ ________34
Whited, George Washington________ 34
Whited, George________ 34
Whited, Joe________ ________34
Whited, John H.________ 34
Whited, John W.________ 34
Whited, John________ ________34(3),412
Whited, Julia A. Carpenter________ 15
Whited, Levia________ ________34
Whited, Lizzie________ ________34
Whited, Lulu May________ 34
Whited, Mary________ ________34(2),40
Whited, Rebecca________ 34
Whited, S. M.________ ________34
Whited, Samuel________ 34(2),408
Whited, W. T.________ ________34