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Dear Brenda,


Here are the names you requested. Let me know if I can be of any further help.


Laurie Huffman


Brown Co, ILGenWeb Project


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Cemeteries of Brown Co, Ill 1825-1972


Brown County Farm Cemetery, Lee Township, p. 87:


    W. O. McMeans (d. 15 Feb 1887 aged 2-7-28)


Bell-Keith Cemetery, Missouri Township, p. 117:


    John McMeans, a Mexican War Veteran (no dates given)

    "Six other McMeans graves."


Beckam Cemetery, Pea Ridge Township, p. 285:


    Donald McMeans (1928-1943)

    Ted McMeans (no dates given)


Knight Cemetery, Pea Ridge Township, p. 290:


    Flora Jane, d/o W. & M. McMeans (d. 11 Dec 1890 aged 10 yrs)


Misc. Deaths in Brown County, p. 410:


    George McMeans (d. 6 Nov 1902) No other date given.









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May I ask for a lookup on these names please?   Thank you for your time.



McMeans, (----)________ 117(6)
McMeans, Donald________ 285
McMeans, Flora Jane________ 290
McMeans, George________ 410
McMeans, John________ 117
McMeans, M.________ ________290
McMeans, Ted________ 285
McMeans, W. O.________ 87
McMeans, W.________ ________290

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