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Dear Joy,


Here are the names you requested, with some additional information. Where there were multiple marriages given for any individual, they have been included. Where additional children were found (such as with married names), these have been added. Indented names are additional references. Note that two of the Clarks are siblings. Catherine Clark (McMurray) & Alexander H. Clark have the same parents, Francis Asbury Clark and Eliza Rankin.


Laurie Huffman



Cemeteries of Brown County, IL 1825-1972

Mt. Sterling City Cemetery, various pages.


p. 210:

Margaret *Elizabeth McMurray, (25 May 1843-16 Mar 1898), w/of Alexander H. Clark. Margaret’s middle name found on p. 247.

Alexander H. Clark, (19 Mar 1848-8 Oct 1917) s/of Francis Asbury Clark & Eliza Rankin

               Laura Briggs, (1850-1929) 2nd w/of Alexander H. Clark


p. 211:

Sarah McMurray, (d. 31 Apr 1878, aged 28-2-26), w/of Thomas A. Clark

               Thomas A. Clark (21 Feb 1886, aged 42-10-26) Co D 84th Reg IL Vol. Inf.

               Infant of T.A. and S.A. Clark (3 Mar 1869) No other dates given. Sex of child not given.

               Frank, s/of T.A. and S.A. Clark (6 Apr 1870-21 Sep 1889)

               Jessie, d/of T.A. and S.A. Clark (d. 7 Oct 1875, aged 0-1-23)

               Jean (sp?), s/of T.A. and S.A. Clark (d. 19 Dec 1878, aged 1 month)

Mary E. McClintock (d. 28 Sep 1882, aged 26-2-17) 2nd wife of Thomas A. Clark

Infant son of T.A. and M.E. Clark (19 Sep 1882) No other dates given.

Lizzie Parker Newby (1862-1949) 3rd wife of Thomas A. Clark


p. 227:

Anna McMurray (21 Sep 1881-24 Feb 1900) d/of Simon McMurray & Isabelle Stover

Simon McMurray (15 Nov 1851-30 Jan 1913)

Isabelle Stover (11 Jan 1861-22 Mar 1936) w/of Simon McMurray

Catherine Clark (20 May 1846-24 Sep 1941) w/of Thomas C. McMurray, and d/of Francis Asbury Clark & Eliza Rankin

Thomas C. McMurray (1 Jul 1838-26 Aug 1897) Co B 50th IL Inf.

William H. McMurray (12 Sep 1870-31 Oct 1874) No relationships given.

Lydia McMurray (1858-1939) d/of Thomas C. McMurray & Catherine Clark, and w/of Thomas Reuben McDannold. Lydia was

 Incorrectly listed as a Clark (her mother’s maiden name) in the main cemetery listing, but correctly identified as McMurray in the Clark family

 relationships section. This will be corrected in the final index, which is nearly complete.

Thomas Reuben McDannold (1854-1939) See p. 226 for McDannold family.

Lucy B. McMurray (1882-1923) d/of Thomas C. McMurray & Catherine Clark

               (p. 247) William M. McMurray (d. 1851 aged 1 yr) s/of Thomas C. McMurray & Catherine Clark. This William is identified as the

 son of Thomas C. & Catherine in the family relationship section on p. 247, but he may be a brother of Thomas instead, when considering the birth

 dates of the parents. William H. is not listed on p. 247, whereas William M. was listed there. The indexers probably confused the two children.


p. 241:

Minnie McMurray (5 Dec 1868-25 Jan 1912) w/of James T. Yeargin

James T. Yeargin (26 Mar 1860-14 Feb 1937)

               Kathryn Rigg (1874-1962) 2nd w/of James T. Yeargin





















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McMurray*, Margaret________ 210 Mt. Sterling City Cem, p. 200-281
McMurray*, Sarah________ 211
McMurray, Anna________ 227
McMurray, Catherine (Clark)________ 227
McMurray, Isabelle (Stover)________ 227
McMurray, Lucy B.________ 227
McMurray, Minnie________ 241
McMurray, Simon________ 227
McMurray, Thomas C.________ 227
McMurray, William H.________ 227