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Dear Liz,

I hope you didn't think we had forgotten about you. The woman who is transcribing the 1880 census has had her mother die and her father had a stoke within a week of her death, so the last two townships in the census are on temporary hold.

I got out the film and looked at Ripley and here's what I found:

1880 Fed Census, Ripley twp, Brown Co, IL 6/6:

McKindra Miller 45, potter, b. OH, parents b. OH
Meriah Miller 43 (wife), b. Maine, father born Mass, mother born Nova Scotia
Charles M. Miller 22 (son), potter, b. IL, father b. OH, mother b. ME
Eva Miller 20 (dau) b. IL, father b. OH, mother b. ME
Elmer Miller 13 (son) b. IL, father b. OH, mother b. ME
Perlie Miller 11 (son), b. IL, father b. OH, mother b. ME
Mary Miller 7 (dau), b. IL, father b. OH, mother b. ME

1880 Fed Census, Ripley twp, Brown Co, IL 58/63:

John B. Miller 39, potter, b. IL, father b. OH, mother b. OH
Catherine Miller 43 (wife), b. IL, both parents b. IL

I didn't find the Moses surname anywhere in Ripley.

I don't know if this is your family, thought the Mariah/Meriah sounds close. Let me know if you need a lookup on the 1900 thru 1920 censuses, or any other info we might have.

By the way, we are in Littleton, CO. small world, isn't it? Our # is 303-706-1640. Call anytime.

Laurie Huffman
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I really highly recommend that your search be concentrated in the counties immediately surrounding Brown, especially Schuyler, which is across the river from Ripley, and there was a ferry out of Ripley into Woodstock in Schuyler. I am going to look into our Schuyler County censuses a bit and see what turns up. A lot of my husbands families moved back and forth between Cooperstown/Ripley and Woodstock. Maybe yours did the same.

Give me a few days and I'll see if there is anything in Schuyler that might help.

I know about the limitations of little children. I have one daughter with three boys (10, 8, 6) and another daughter with 2 boys and 1 girl (11, 9, newborn). It certainly is a stay-at-home picture, but well worth the time and effort.



Liz Osborn wrote:

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. With four young children (12, 10, 6, and 2) it's hard to get out to the archive libraries. You've confirmed what I suspected, that both Amzey and Mariah probably died before 1880 (Mariah would have been 67 in 1880). But what is useful is that we've clearly got some connected Millers here... I shall have to figure out the connection. Amzey and Mariah were both from Ohio; married in 1843, and moved shortly thereafter to Illinois; both their sons Isaac and Bough Redden (could this be John B?) served in the Civil War, from Ripley township. But we don't have death dates for either Amzey and Mariah. I was hoping to find collateral lines, to find information about their parents.

In any case, I most sincerely thank you again!

Liz Osborn