Names: Minimum, Minium, Perry


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To: 'Nancy Donald'
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Subject: RE: Brown County Permanent Resident Index

Cemeteries of Brown Co, IL 1825-1972

Mt. Sterling city Cemetery, p. 228


            David Minimum (27 Jul 1851 – 24 Jul 1899)

            Lucinda Perry, wife of David Minimum (1859-1923)

            George Forest, s/o D. Y. & L. Minimum (1890-1933)


Reid, Ritter, or Myers Cemetery, Elkhorn Township, p. 75


            Julia, d/o D. Y. & I. O. Minium (d. 4 Nov 1881 age 1-10-17) This is very likely Lucinda C., but the initials may have been difficult to decipher.




Illinois Statewide Marriage Index Online:


            MINIUM, DAVID Y. & PERRY, LUCINDA C. 08(Aug)/10/1879 Book C, p.146, lic #202, BROWN Co, IL




Laurie Huffman


From: Nancy Donald [mailto:[email protected]]
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Subject: Brown County Permanent Resident Index


Would you please search the following names:


Minimum, David Y.               228

Minimum, George Forest    228

Minimum, Lucinda (Perry)   228


Minium, D. Y.                         75, 407

Minium, I. O.                           75

Minium, Julia                          75


Thanking you in advance,

Nancy Donald