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I could not locate a death record in the book for Alexander Moore and there
is no probate listing for him in Brown County. His age in the 1880 census
(Brown Co, IL) was 58, born in Ohio, with both parents born in Maryland. He
is listed with his second wife, Mary (age 37), a son, John C. (age 26), a
daughter Cora (age 9), son Earnest (7mo). Alexander does not appear in the
1900 census for Brown County, IL.


Cemeteries of Brown County, Illinois 1825-1972
Buckhorn Cemetery, Lee Township pp 90, 93 (family relationships):

Elizabeth P., wife of Alexander Moore (d. 22 Jan 1869 aged 42y 10m 15d)
Alexander, son of Alexander & Elizabeth P. Moore (d. 31 Aug 1867 aged 2m
       children of Alexander & Elizabeth P. Moore:
               Mayella Moore (d. 17 Sep 1865 aged 5m 2d)
               Ary Lucretia Moore (d. 25 Feb 1865 aged 2y 1m 25d)
               Clara Belle (d. 17 Oct 1878 aged 22y 1m 22d)
               Minerva (d. 30 May 1873 aged 24y 9d)
Mary E. Gregory Ayers, wife of Alexander Moore (d. 13 Sep 1900 aged 57y 1m
               Royal Orphus Moore (d. 4 Nov 1876 aged 1y 3m 6d)
               Ernest Moore (22 Nov 1879-21 Oct 1946)
Rachel Moore (no dates or relationship mentioned)

Illinois Statewide Marriage Index Online:
       MOORE, A. md. AYERS, MARY E., 09/22/1869 (Bk C p. 74 Lic# 1029) BROWN Co,
(1st mg of Mary E. Moore)
       AYRES, FRANCIS M. md GREGORY, MARY E. 11/07/1858 (Bk I p. 267) PIKE Co, IL

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-Moore, A.________ ________90
-Moore, Alexander________ 90(2)
-Moore, Ary Lucretia________ 90
-Moore, Clara Belle________ 90
-Moore, E. P.________ ________90
-Moore, Elizabeth________ 90
-Moore, Ernest________ ________90
-Moore, Mary E. (Gregory)________ 90
-Moore, Mayella________ 90
-Moore, Minerva________ 90
-Moore, Royal Orphus________ 90

Thanks in advance for your help