Clayton, Downe, Moran, Rioth, Sullivan

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Dear Bob,

You can write directly to the Brown County Clerk and get a certified copy of the marriage certificate. The cost is $5. Since they cost so much compared to other Counties, I put images of the certificates on the web site of those who are willing to share a copy of their certificates.


Without a death date or at least a death year you cannot get death certificates from the State. And if they didn’t die after 1915, there is no certificate for him. Here are all the ones that are currently listed in the Illinois database:

Name                                             Sex/Race    Age    Cert #      Death Date    County             City                                 File Date

MORAN PETER                    M/W  UNK  6021682 1916-07-30 COOK        CHICAGO             16-08-01

MORAN PETER                    M/W  UNK  6000560 1937-01-04 COOK        CHICAGO             37-01-06

MORAN PETER                    M/W  UNK  6022894 1937-08-05 COOK        CHICAGO             37-08-09

MORAN PETER                    M/W  UNK  0015700 1945-05-24 COOK        CHICAGO               -  - 

MORAN PETER      B             M/W  UNK  0290103 1924-05-08 FULTON      FARMINGTON TWP      24-05-12

MORAN PETER      G             N/S  UNK  0000086 1937-02-14 MORGAN      JACKSONVILLE          -  - 

MORAN PETER      L             M/W  UNK  0004814 1940-02-13 COOK        CHICAGO               -  - 

MORAN PETER      LAWRENCE      M/W  UNK  2720500 1925-06-01 PEORIA      PEORIA              25-06-02

MORAN PETER      P             M/W  UNK  0014402 1945-05-17 COOK        CHICAGO               -  - 

MORAN PETER      RUSSEL        M/W  Y-73 0031569 1949-08-07 COLES                           49-08-07

MORAN BRIDGET                  F/W  UNK  0009729 1917-11-12 COOK        BREMEN TWP          17-11-14

MORAN BRIDGET                  F/W  UNK  0021296 1917-11-23 LIVINGSTON  FAIRBURY            17-11-26

MORAN BRIDGET                  F/W  UNK  6020053 1919-07-13 COOK        CHICAGO             19-07-15

MORAN BRIDGET                  F/W  UNK  6014572 1920-04-18 COOK        CHICAGO             20-04-18

MORAN BRIDGET                  F/W  UNK  6002830 1922-02-03 COOK        CHICAGO             22-02-03

MORAN BRIDGET                  F/W  UNK  2720706 1925-08-16 PEORIA      PEORIA              25-08-16

MORAN BRIDGET                  F/W  UNK  6031863 1925-12-09 COOK        CHICAGO             25-12-09

MORAN BRIDGET                  F/W  UNK  6033844 1929-11-30 COOK        CHICAGO             29-12-02

MORAN BRIDGET                  F/W  UNK  3820454 1930-06-26 ST CLAIR    EAST ST LOUIS       30-06-27

MORAN BRIDGET                  F/W  UNK  6001082 1931-01-11 COOK        CHICAGO             31-01-13

MORAN BRIDGET                  F/W  UNK  6026530 1934-09-25 COOK        CHICAGO             34-09-26

MORAN BRIDGET                  F/W  UNK  6030593 1936-10-23 COOK        CHICAGO             36-10-24

MORAN BRIDGET                  F/W  UNK  0026878 1947-09-04 COOK        CHICAGO               -  - 

MORAN BRIDGET    CASEY         F/W  UNK  6022373 1925-08-18 COOK        CHICAGO             25-08-20


None are in Brown County. That’s not surprising because the Cemeteries book doesn’t either. These are the Moran’s listed in the Brown County Cemetery Book:

Anna, Arthur L, Beulah, Ida J., John, Laura (Cronin) and William.



1860 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Mt Sterling Twp

7 Jun 1860


Francis Rioth 31 m carpenter France

Mrs. Mary Rioth 22 f Massachusettes

Mary Rioth 5 f Illinois

Teicey Rioth 2 f Illinois

William Rioth 7/12 m Illinois

Daniel Sullivan 40 m laborer Ireland

Peter Moran 25 m brick molder Ireland


1870 Census of Brown County, Illinois, Versailles Twp

273/273    6 Aug 1870

Peter Moran 42 m laborer Ireland

Bridget Moran 29 f Mississippi

William Moran 8 m Illinois

James Moran 1 m Illinois

Eugene Moran 4/12 m Illinois

Patrick Downe 56 m Laborer Ireland

Mary E. Clayton 16 f domestic Illinois



Ken Huffman


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Hi Ken and Laurie


Let me introduce myself--I'm Bob Calabro from Williamsburg Va. I have been trying to research the geneaology of my wife's grandfather James W. Moran. Since her parents are not alive and many of the records her father had on family history were lost in a flood things were not looking too good. But we did have a starting point of Versailles and her great grandfather Peter also of Versailles. I could not believe the fantastic wealth of information you have made accessable on the internet. Congrats to both of you and others that may have been involved in this project. From your work I now know that Peter was in the 1860 and 1880 census and the 1880 census listed James W. Moran. Using your marriage certifcate link to the Illinois archives I was also able to find out the Peter married Bridgett Waters in 1866.


I have several questions: Do you know who I can contact in Brown County to obtain a copy of the marriage certificate?? Is there a way to obtain a copy of the 1870 Census (Peter Moran V 273 and 1860 Census Peter Moran MStwp 59) Lastly are there any links to death certificates in order for me to determine the year of death for Peter and his wife Bridgett??



Bob Calabro