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My personal belief is that the 1860 Peter is the same as the 1870 Peter. Ages aren’t really accurate. In 1870, their oldest son William would have been born before the marriage. While that’s no too shocking. I’m betting the person giving the ages was guessing.


I have the censuses from 1900 to 1930. They are not indexed so I’ll have to do a page by page search. I’ll let you know when I get it done.




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Thanks for the information.We have no problem in having the birth certificate posted on the web site. When I'm finished the search I would be glad to post the family history on your web site.

I was surprised to see the 1860 census have a Peter Moran at age 25. Ten years later he would be 35. I know the age of Peter Moran in the 1870 census was wrong. In the 1880 census he was listed as age 49 making his age 39 in the 1870 census. I realize  ages are suspect. So at this point I am not sure the Peter Moran in the 1860 census is the same Peter Moran in the 1870 and 1880 census. Not sure if marriage certificates back then carried the date of birth. I also found a listing of a John A Moran in the 1870 census in Brown County. There is an interesting coincidence in that Peter Moran had a son in the 1880 census named John A. Moran.


We found that one of the sons of Peter, James W. Moran (my wife's grandfather) was married in Milwaukee Wicconsin in 1897. The real brickwall we hit was after the 1880 census. Since the 1890 census was significantly destroyed in a fire we can not determine if Peter E. Moran and his family were still in Brown County or left the area. Is there any other local records that could fill in the blank between 1880 and 1890??



Bob Calabro