Names: Morrell, Steward

From: Ken Huffman [[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 3:10 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Morrell Lookup - correction to 1st response.
Dear Linda,
I made a serious error on the first report I sent to you.
The census I referred to, in clarifying the Green & Susan Morrell family, was not the 1860, but the 1870 census. therefore, all my suggestion about the age and death date of Thomas Morrell are irrelevant. So very sorry.
Below is the 1860 census for this family. You will see the ages bear out those in the other (1870). It puts Thomas's death at age 15. The headstone could be hard to read, or incorrectly engraved.
Please remember to mark the other census with the correct year when you print it out.
Thanks you for your patience.
Laurie Huffman
1860 Fed Census, Elkhorn, Brown, IL, 1101/1051:
    G. Morrell (m) 26, farmer, Ohio
    Mrs. S. Morrell (f) 23, Illinois
    M. E. Morrell (f) 7, Iowa
    T. W. Morrell (m) 4, Iowa
    Henry Morrell (m) 11mo., Illinois
    George Steward (m) 7, Illinois