Names: Morrell, Tucker

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Dear Linda,
Here are the names you requested. I didn't find G. & S. P., except in reference to being the parents of Thomas, so I went to the censuses and I think I figured it out. I have added one census listing to clarify their names, but the age and date of Thomas's death get dicey. Also added a child of Mary E. Morrell (William).
If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask. I hope I haven't just confused you.
Laurie Huffman
Cemeteries of Brown Co, IL, Morrellville Cemetery, pp. 20-21.
    Thomas W. Morrell (d. 21 Oct 1871 aged 18 yrs) Son of G. & S. P. Morrell. [See census listing below -
        If he died at age 18, it would have been 1864. If he died in 1871, his age would have been 25.]
    Mary E. Morrell (d. 24 Mar 1864, aged 25 yrs). Wife of Thomas Morrell. [Obviously not the Thomas
         listed above.]
    William Morrell (d. 26 May 1861 aged 1 mo 19 da) Son of Thomas & Mary E. Morrell.
    Mary J. (Tucker) Morrell (d. 16 Dec 1882] wife of B. Morrell. [Probably Benjamin]
1860 Fed Census, Elkhorn, Brown Co, IL, 97/97:
    Green Morrell 36, farmer, b. OH
    Susan Morrell 34, b. IL
    Mary Morrell 17, b. IL
    Thomas Morrell 14, b. IL (d. 1871, see above)
    Henry Morrell 11, b. IL
    Charles Morrell 9, b. IL
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    Looking for information on Mary Morrell page 20
                                        Mary Morrell page 20
                                        S.P. Morrell page 20
                                        Thomas Morrell  page 20.
Thanks for your help.