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Dear Rhonda,


It's very nice to hear from you again. How wonderful for you that you have a settled in a home of your own. I hope you will be very happy there for a nice long time.


Well, back to your request. I have never found out who Elizabeth Thomas's parents were. I'm glad you are searching for them, and that I can maybe give you some help.


Norris is listed in the probate index: Norris Thomas 1871, Box #5.


I checked the cemetery listings for Norris Thomas. He is listed in the Cooperstown Cemetery, but only in connection with the burial of a daughter. However, there is a headstone reading just "Thomas--- 1867, aged 50 years". Perhaps this is his, and the probate of his estate came a bit later, especially if he died intestate. Or it could belong to his wife, Mary. The family relationships section says, "The Rev. John M. Morris (1870, aged 40 years) is buried here with child Sarah (1862) and another infant that died in 1866. He also has a sister here, Mary E., daughter of Norris and Mary Thomas (1878, aged 14 years). There is also a stone without [given] name bearing date 1867, age 50 years on this lot. The Norris Thomas family suffered heavily in the cholera epidemics of the 1850's." NOTE: I think the writer meant the 1860's in reference to the cholera epidemics.


You may want to check with the Versailles Area Genealogical & Historical Society for death notices and obituaries for this family.


Here are the listings that apply to the above paragraph:


Cooperstown Cemetery, pp. 34, 38:


Rev. John M. Thomas (d. 30 Sep 1870 aged 40y 3m 19d)

Infant daughter of J. M. and A. M. Thomas (b & d 16 Dec 1866)

Sarah, daughter of J. M. & A. M. Thomas (1862)

William G., son of J. M. & A. M. Thomas (d 30 May 1866 aged 11m 2d)

Mary E., daughter of Norris and Mary Thomas (d 11 Jun 1878 aged 14y 1m 17d)

------Thomas (1867 aged 50 y)


Hope these are of help.


And thanks for letting us know that the other lookup person isn't responding.







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Hi, LaurieHow are you doing? Perhaps you remember me--I was the person who was also interested in the Shelley familyI've taken a break from research for a whileAlso, we are moving yet again, this time to our own home here in DurhamI hope we can settle down for a while now!


I was wondering if sometime you could look up a probate record? I contacted the other volunteer many weeks ago but have received no responseI hate to bother you again--you've already helped so much.  But obviously, I don't hate it enough to refrain from asking!


Anyway, I am researching my maternal lineThe last known ancestor I have is Elizabeth Thomas, born about 1832 in OhioShe married John Myers in Brown County, 1847I suspect her father may have been Norris Thomas, b. about 1803 in OhioHe died in Brown County on July 10, 1854. 


If you are able and feel inclined to look up Norris Thomas' probate, I'd be gratefulThank you for reading my message.




Rhonda Sheagley