Names: Baker, Brooks, Myers, Perry, Tedrow


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Dear Rhonda,


Yes, we still continue to do volunteer lookups, and assist in research in any way we can.


There were two couples with the names John & Elizabeth Myers (sometimes seen as Myres) who lived in Brown County about the same time. One couple came out of Ohio and the other, the couple whose names you have requested, are from Germany (or Holland) and TennesseeThey appear in the county censuses in 1860 through 1880. I have included all family members in the West Side Cemetery listings, so you won't have to check back for them if they turn out to be the right family for your search.


We haven't been able to find John's actual death date or burial, but he outlived his wife by several years and died in Versailles at the home of his son, Joseph. In the History of Brown County, pp. 710-712 there is an excellent history of the John Myers Sr. family. It gives his wife's name as Sarah Elizabeth Perry. I have listed their marriage below. If you would like, I will photocopy these pages and mail them to you. Normally I would paraphrase the listings, but this is very large. Just let me know.


Let me know if you have any further questions - these listings can get pretty complex. I sure hope these are your family.


Laurie Huffman

Brown Co, ILGenWeb



MYERS, JOHN md. PERRY, ELIZABETH, 06/24/1852, Book A&B, Lic#203, BROWN Co, IL 


Cemeteries of Brown Co, IL, West Side Cemetery, Versailles, IL, p. 369, 370, 383:


Elizabeth, wife of John Myers (d. 2 Mar 1888, aged 61 y 11m 24d) PAF calculates birth date as 9 Mar 1826.

Joseph Myers (1859-1928) son of John & Elizabeth Myers

Clarissa Myers (1863-1940) wife of Joseph Myers

John Myers (1877-1949) son of William H. & Nora (Baker) Myers.

William H. Myers (10 Mar 1855-14 Feb 1904) Son of John & Elizabeth Myers, and husb. of Nora Baker.

Nora Baker, wife of W. H. Myers (16 Jan 1860-11 Dec 1931) Wife of William H. Myers listed on p. 370.

William H. Myers (1880-1940) This W. H., husband of Myrtle, was listed on p. 369, son of Joseph & Clarissa Myers.

Myrtle Brooks, wife of W. H. Myers (1882-1972)

Clyde Brook Myers (1902-1968) son of William H. & Myrtle Brooks Myers (on p. 369)

Elizabeth Baker, wife of Clyde Myers (1904-1947) On p. 369.

Edwin H. Myers (1879-1954) Son of William H. & Nora (Baker) Myers.

Nellie Tedrow, wife of Edwin H. Myers (181-1968)

Harold Myers (1908-1973) Son of Edwin H. & Nellie (Tedrow) Myers.












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Hello, Ms. HuffmanI found a link to your e-mail address on the Brown County genealogy site.   Do you continue to volunteer to perform "lookups?" If so, your help would be greatly appreciated.


John Myers, p. 370

Elizabeth Myers, p. 370


Thank you for reading my message.




Rhonda Sheagley