NAMES: Dorman, Newinham

Dear Shirley and Marilyn,

I'm responding to both of you at the same time since your requests came in during December for nearly the same information. I thought you might also like to correspond with each other as well.

You Both have multiple requests and I have included them below as well so you can see what each have requested.

Here Goes:

1860 Federal Census of Brown county, Ill., Elkhorn Twp

James Rusk family
R. Newinham 20 m farming Ill

William Newinham 51 farmer 4600/1600 O. [Ohio]
Mrs. M. Newinham 57 f Va
Elizabeth Freeman 38 f O. [Ohio]
Augustus Myers 13 m Germany

J. W. Newinham 24 m farmer 800 Ill
Mrs. E. M. Newinham 20 f England
E. F. Newinham 1 f Ill
H. F. Newinham 4/12 m Ill
John Hines 19 m Mo

E. Newinham 27 m farmer 500 O. [Ohio]
Mrs. E Newinham 20 f Ill
M. E. Newinham 4 f Ill
J. M. Newinham 2 m Ill
T. M. Newinham 5/12 m Ill

John Newinham 50 m farmer 600/1000 O. [Ohio]
Mrs. A. Newinham 47 f O. [Ohio]
Robert Newinham 20 m farmer Ill.
Thomas Newinham 19 m farmer Ill
John W. Newinham 18 m farmer Ill
Arthur Newinham 17 m farmer Ill
M.J. Newinham 15 f Ill
Absolom Newinham 14 m Ill
George W. Newinham 13 m Ill
Sylvester Newinham 9 m Ill
B. F. Newinham 7 m Ill
M. E. Newinham 6 f Ill
Cicero Newinham 4 m Ill

Prudence Newnham 48 f 200 NY
Mrs. Elizabeth Newnham 23 f Ill
Hiram Newnham 21 m laborer Ill
John Newnham 19 M laborer Ill
Nancy Newnham 18 f Ill
Hannah Newnham 17 f Ill
Martha Newnham 15 f Ill
George Newnham 13 m Ill
Genira Newnham 11 f Ill
Mary Newnham 6 f Ill

1870 Federal Census of Brown County, Ill., Elkhorn Twp

George Newenham 24 m laborer Ill
Pauline Newenham 24 f keeps house Ill
William Newenham 1 m Ill
William Newenham 36? m laborer Ill
Mary Newenham 24 f Keeps house Ill
Sarah Newenham 6 f Ill
Rosa Newenham 3 f Ill
Lucy Newenham 5/12 f Ill

Lewis Dorman 45 m shoemaker 1000/100 Ohio
Thomas Dorman 17 m Ill
Alonzo Dorman 15 m Ill
Herbert Dorman 13 m Ill
Lizzie Dorman 11 f Ill
William Dorman 3 m Ill

Elijah Newenham 45 m laborer 250 Ill
Hannah Newenham 32 f Ill
Mary Newenham 15 f Ill
Joel Newenham 13 m Ill
William Newenham 9 m Ill
James Newenham 5 m Ill

Absolom Newinham 24 m Laborer Ill

Phoneta Newenham 20 f Ill [ Cemeteries of Brown Co. gives her name as Perneta]

Elizabeth Newenham 8/12 f Ill

Mt Sterling Twp
Arthur Newinham 27 m works on farm 156 Ill
Sarah Newinham 35 f Indiana
John Newinham 10/12 m Ill

Town of Mt Sterling
Elizabeth Biddle 60 f keeps house 500/100 England
Mary Newenham 30 f England
Mary Newenham 8 f Ill

I have attached a copy of the Newenham Burial Ground from pp 74-75 in the Cemeteries of Brown County. If for some reason AOL does not let it come through, let me know and I'll arrange to send it another way.

Ken Huffman

Cemeteries of Brown County, p. 74-75

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Would like to see more information from the 1860 census for the Newenham family. I realize you set a limit of 2 or 3 but there are 6 listed. Maybe in time I could have information on all of them.

E. Newenham E930
J.W. Newenham E927
John W. Newenham E942
R. Newenham E925
William Newenham E926
Prudence Newnham E1072

I am specially looking for William, his wife Martha died Aug. 26, 1862 in elkhorn twp, but isn't listed in cemetery records and we have no record of what happened to William.

Thanks for your help.
Shirley Honaker =====================

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I'm related to Shadrack Newnham and his son William. William was born 1810 in Pike co. Ohio and married Martha Freeman July 15, 1829 in Pike co. Ohio. I was told Martha died aug. 26, 1862 in elkhorn Twp, Brown Co., IL. Have no record on this and would sure like to find where William died and is buried. One of their sons was Elijah Elihu Newingham. He is my greatgrandfather.

Shirley Honaker ===============

[email protected] wrote:


I'm looking forward to your help. Also need some look ups for 1870 census.

Elijah ( My g grandfather) E196
George E70
Absolom E206
Arthur MSTwp 218
Mary MS53
these are all Newenham's spelled however you find it spelled.
Thanks, Shirley Honaker
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[email protected] wrote:

good morning, when you get time, I would really appreciate a look up on the following census record. Thank you so very much.

Marilyn Hansen

Newenham, John E942 ==============

[email protected] wrote:

Here is one more look up that I need but only when you have time. Thank you so much for doing this for others. Take care


Dorman, Lewis E82